Desperately need home for dog aggressive male akita
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    We took in a 3year old intact male akita because there was just no one available who could handle him. The person who first rescued him had no spitz breed experience and a young daughter. His owners had locked him in a room without handling, not enough food, ignored a flea infestation until he was nearly bald, and his toenails were so long his toes rocked back for months after they were cut. We are seeing why this might have happened. He was certainly loved and spoiled but not taught manners, respect, or socialized. He is very dog aggressive and we have 3 dogs. The young husky he does get along with some. She ignores his shows of dominance while playing and he has gotten a little gentler from her squeaking when he scruffs her. Our other akita and shiba have had major problems. He is healthy now, vaccinated, fluffy again... He wants to play and hang out around people. There's a good dog under there. My husband just can't handle his moments of defiance though. My husband yelled at him for something and he turned on him, I pulled him in to a near by bedroom, and he spun around to threaten my arm. I don't think he would bite at this point but he has escalated in to wanting us to think he will. I've gotten very strict with him. Making him sit when we go to interact with him, when going out doors, when getting hand fed part of his meals... I just can't always take care of all the dogs and my husband does not command enough respect to keep the dog under control. We also found the fence between us and one neighbor with small dogs is not good enough. He nearly popped over it when the small dogs came rushing the fence. He now wears a basket muzzle and long line when out of the house.

    He really needs a new foster home that can reduce the risk of accidents and someone who can get him out socializing. I know people in the area would offer to take him but probably not someone who can handle an untrained male akita and I'm not good at screening. We are in Cedar Rapids, IA if there is anyone who can help. He is listed on midwest akita rescue but they are full and say all rescues are too full.
  • Are you using positive training techniques? Yelling and being aggressive towards him will in turn make him be aggressive towards you. Have you worked with a trainer who is familiar with the breed? Doing and behavior modification?

    The dog isn't being defiant, he doesn't understand your new rules and is still trying to adjust. It takes 6 months to a year for a full adjustment.

    If he is dog aggressive than you definitely should just rehome him to someone who can take the time to re-train him, socialize him, and understands the breed.

    In the meantime, try to follow more positive techniques, keep the dogs separated and probably keep him away from your husband because it sounds like he is making the situation worse with the dog.
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    He gets rewards for everything and I do not yell at him aside from getting his attention when he's farther away in the yard. I will forcefully remove him from situations sometimes but quietly and smoothly. For the most part I can keep my voice happy with him except for low, quiet warnings before directing him elsewhere. Maybe if it was just me and I was healthy I could rehabilitate him completely and at least mix him in to my pack even if he never likes strange dogs. I can't though. I am worried anyone who takes him that doesn't prove they know how to handle an akita will just push him in to actually biting and then I know he will be put down.
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    I would start by neutering him.
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    I don't really have any advice outside of getting an experienced trainer to help you out. That sounds like what this situation calls for. If things keep progressing then it seems like it'll potentially end up with him continuing to escalate and biting in the end anyhow :\ Better to just go straight to a trainer, or straight to a different foster/rescue
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    We took in a 3year old intact male akita...

    This dog is a rescue. He needs to be neutered immediately. I am at a loss as to why this has not already happened.

    Also, when you first introduced him and asked questions about integrating him with your existing dogs, you disregarded everyone's advice. Why not start by going back and re-reading that thread.

    In the meantime, segregate him from your other dogs and call in a certified behaviourist to assist you with the integration once he is healed from the neuter. You will be surprised what a neuter and some assistance from a professional will do.
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