Your Shikoku's Quirks
  • KajaKaja
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    As the title says... what are some of your shikoku's quirks? Haha

    Kaja is only 5 months old, but I've noticed these things:

    -barks when she needs something (like to go do #2).. and FREAKS OUT if she is near her own poo
    -I had read shikoku are all about the kisses. Yeah. Kaja is all getting that tongue within the deep roads of your nose. It's a thing. If you don't stop her she'll go until the inside of your nostrils start to feel... abused.
    -talks. Cycles back to the first thing I mentioned, but also applies to if she thinks she deserves a treat. She'll remind you of her good behaviour.

    From what I've read (and seen Kaja do) I assume that motion sickness, humping and bunny pouncing are all very common shikoku quirks, too. So what do you see your shikokus do that you find amusing? ;P
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  • yo_eddyyo_eddy
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    Fascination with running water. Has to investigate every storm drain. Tried to jump off a bridge into a local stream. He gets a much shorter leash there now

    Likes to jump in our shrubs. There is one he hops in with his tennis ball. Last night he crawled on top of another one and just laid there for a bit
  • TheYetiTheYeti
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    Rollo humps my wife's leg. He only does it when she is wearing snow pants though. Something about the swish-swish of waterproof pants noise that gets him all excited. He also gets really excited after he poops. REALLY excited.
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  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
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    Yeah the post-poop Shikoku 500 is something my girl female, but not my male. He's also a messy drinker while she's dainty. Also, for as strong and as hard a mouth my female has, she's very dainty with trying out new food. It's comical.

    My male bunny hops when he smells or gets caught by surprise with something near his feet.

    Jesse Pelayo

  • CrispyCrispy
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    Shikoku scent rolls.
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  • CrimsonO2CrimsonO2
    Posts: 2215
    You mean the damp towel rolls?

    Jesse Pelayo

  • CrispyCrispy
    Posts: 1898
    TK likes leather, air freshener, and dirty laundry.
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  • KajaKaja
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    Haha I laughed out loud at so many of these.

    Kaja loves to watch people brush their hair. The big sparkly eyes are real.
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  • TheYetiTheYeti
    Posts: 166
    Rollo sometimes lifts his leg when he poops. It looks really awkward and he fell over once. There was one time where he was having a poop and a loud truck went by. He spun around and barked angrily at the truck while creating a poo circle. I laughed pretty hard at that one.
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  • Kiyomi loves giving kisses nonstop.

    Kiyomi is fascinated by the garden hose and tries to bite the water stream.

    She likes to rub herself on my daughters wet her after she takes a shower. She will climb up the back of the couch get to my daughters hair.
  • OaklandOakland
    Posts: 21
    I think this was our own doing but we've always treated Nyx heavily for outside potties so she'll occasionally lick her lips while pooping in anticipation of the treats. It's really disturbingly hilarious.

    Nyx will also occasionally jump off her spot on the couch, putting her front legs on the ground but leaving her hind legs up on the couch to optimize her stretch. Lazy dog logic never fails.

    There are many more things that I think are fascinating that are probably just normal shikoku behavior. The butt bump thing with other dogs is pretty common, right? She chucked a 4-month old puppy off the side of a hill on our last hike. Oops.
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
    Posts: 280
    Takeo loves to kiss nonstop, butt bump, and rolls on wet towels too. He will bunny hop when he hears/sees/touches something that frightens him.

    His daily habit is weaving in/out of the shower curtain, so he goes under it and comes out slowly, and repeats.

    He loves to poop on top of things (rocks, bushes, curb stones, snow piles) most of the time! Takeo has also successfully aimed to poop through a chain link fence while on three legs (twice)!
  • emi802emi802
    Posts: 296
    My boyfriend likes to say that Katsu is not an "ambi-pee-er". He only pees while lifting his right leg. He never does it with his left.

    He also prefers to poop on high grass. He'll always look for the tallest patch of grass or just go on top of a small bush.

    After moving, his favorite past time is to stare out the window at the large field next to our building.

    He gets upset/sad if I don't rub his belly in the morning.
  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
    Posts: 3280
    :putting on my wildlife tracker hat: Lots of animals poop on raised objects- poop is communication and placing it on a stump or stone or a grass tussock make it noticeable. :)
  • yo_eddyyo_eddy
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    Nyx will also occasionally jump off her spot on the couch, putting her front legs on the ground but leaving her hind legs up on the couch to optimize her stretch. Lazy dog logic never fails.

    Yuki does this as well, often followed by a forward roll/body slam dismount to get off the couch
  • emi802emi802
    Posts: 296
    @WrylyBrindle Good to know! :) My jindo didn't really do that, so I found it peculiar the way Katsu always did.
  • TheYetiTheYeti
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    Rollo has a new quirk. If you play dead on your stomach, he will dig furiously at your butt. He nibbles your ears too. Also it offends him greatly if he gets head butted. Then he attacks!
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  • MagmagalMagmagal
    Posts: 37
    Damp towels - check
    Endless kisses - check
    Pukoku (carsick) - check
    Humping - check
    Dainty eating - check
    Butt-checking other dogs at the park - check (we almost died the first time she did this - of both laughter and embarrassment)

    She also loves to rub along the side of the sofa over and over - it's a very playful/aggressive thing - almost like marking it. We call it 'marauding'. Weird dog.
    Diana, Jonathan, and Kitsune (Kitsu) - female Shikoku
  • KajaKaja
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    The butt bumping! If it's a first time observation for someone, they are all "what is she doing?!?!" and are quite confused. Hah.

    Oh, and when Kaja humps she warns you. It's the only time she will nip, rofl. Though she tries very hard to only get your clothes. >.>
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  • emi802emi802
    Posts: 296
    Katsu does the same thing when he humps!! Just tries to get the clothes. I have a few holes in a shirt cause of this :S
  • KajaKaja
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    New quirk: Kaja will help me pick up poop.
    She will see me digging in the snow for it during pick up, get excited, and lo and behold she digs me up a turd I didn't see before ;)

    She will also stand beside me while I'm sitting at my desk, expecting pets. If I don't pay attention to her she puts her head in my lap and sings a little frustrated song.
  • NaurhirNaurhir
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    I have a female shiba (3.5 years old) and a female shikoku (5 months old), so these quirks are what she does differently than the shiba.

    1. Messy (tracks mud into the house, runs through sprinklers, doesn't step around puddles).

    2. Peeping tom (super excited by the shower, she peeks in and watches you, licks the side of the tub, etc.)

    3. Super fascinated by electric toothbrush / hairdryer.

    4. Not picky with food (didn't think this was a quirk until I read that all of yours are, and my shiba is).
  • emi802emi802
    Posts: 296
    @Naurhir How funny! Your shiba sounds a lot like my older Shikoku. He HATES rain and anything wet. He will refuse to poop or go out for walks if it's raining. If the grass is wet, he refuses to go on it. He really likes to stay clean.

    The younger one.... anything goes with her! She also runs around through everything haha.

    Older one is also terrified of hair dryer/vaccuum cleaner/electric toothbrush. Anything electronic that makes noise. We've overcome his fear of the nail dremel with the help of peanut butter though.
  • KajaKaja
    Posts: 216
    @Naurhir Oh yeah! Ditto on the peeping tom. She will avoid the bath when it's HER turn, but if there is a human in the shower it's a totally different story. She'll lick the bath. Lick YOU. And roll on the bath mat if she can get away with it, too >.>

    @emi802 Kaja is ok with the dremel -- but barks at the vacuum even if it's not on. So we're trying to pull it out more often and just let it sit there in random locations of the house xD

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  • TheYetiTheYeti
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    Rollo is super curious about the vacuum cleaner and follows us around whenever it's on. He is also fascinated by electric toothbrushes until you get too close. Then he freaks out and runs away.

    He HATES horses. We were at Lake Louise and there were big draft horses doing sleigh rides. He walked almost right up to a pair of horses, got about 5 feet away, and then started howling at them. He is a very quiet dog and is rarely vocal so it came as a bit of a surprise. He had never seen anything so big before and it must have spooked him. He was not happy, his hackles were all up and the horses were pretty annoyed too.
    To err is human, to arrr is to pirate.
  • HeidiHeidi
    Posts: 3379
    I see our Shikoku have a lot of similarities. Put Rakka down for the wet towel obsession, elevating pooping (there's a cement base of a street lamp she particularly enjoys pooping on), dainty eating, hip checking other dogs, and French kissing.

    I'm guessing lots of Shikoku are also like Rakka in that she hates having her nails clipped. I don't even clip her nails. We just go for runs on the pavement if they get too long. In fact, she barks at me when I clip Sosuke's nails, and then goes and leans up against my husband for protection from the evil nail clippers.

    She doesn't hate horses, though! At least not donkeys. When I lived on an acreage, I had a rescued donkey. They wanted to kill each other at first, they became BFFs later. They'd groom each other and Rakka would even sleep on top of him when he laid down. I think I have a photo somewhere of Rakka and Melvin (the donkey) just wandering around the pasture grazing on grass together. Yep, she even took up eating grass in his presence.

    Other quirks:
    -She cleans herself like a cat when she gets dirty.
    -She loves wading in water, but hates getting her belly wet (she's tolerant of baths, though)
    -Since she's not allowed to bark in the yard, if she sees something she wants to bark at, she'll huff and puff in a muted bark.
    -She usually sleeps on her back leaned up against the wall, often with one leg extended in an archer pose
    -Likes having her teeth brushed
    -Does a leaping pounce into deep snow after ground squirrels. She might catch one if she weren't on a leash.
    -When wrestling with another dog, her signature move is to pick up the other dog's back leg in her mouth and just hold it while they hop around and bite her head.
    -She raises her leg to mark on things. We call her the Butch Bitch.

    Number one Shikoku quirk: She's super bitchy to other dogs and strangers.
    Rakka 落下(Shikoku Ken), Sosuke 宗介 (Kai Ken), Hester, Stephanie, and Batgirl(cats)
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  • AjaxAjax
    Posts: 123

    -Bomb Proof with one exception (gun fire, constructions noises, and crowds of people don't phase him), but he is terrified of his own dingle berries. If he gets a hanger, his tail goes between his legs and he bolts until it falls off or I catch him and remove it. He also doesn't like the silver bullet at the vet, but that's understandable.
    -Messy drinker, dainty eater
    -Will bay animals on TV, but usually quite
    -Rolls in the smelliest stuff he can find (fish, rotting seaweed, etc.)
    -Will hump all dogs who let him

  • IliumIlium
    Posts: 69

    -Likes having his teeth brushed. Maybe too much; he'll just try to eat the paste.
    -Likes to try to eat lotion/baby oil/anything moisturizing off of me. He'll come running across from the other side of the house frantic for a taste of the lotion even if he can't see it.
    -Kisses. Soooo many kisses.
    -Will stretch himself out while standing for maximum standing belly rubs.
    -HATES being brushed. Will run away from the brush and alternately give it lots of kisses as though to make it stop.
    -Get excited/whiny whenever he sees me put on gym shorts or pull my hair up in a pony tail (he knows it means I'm going to take him for a walk).
    -Will bark if I leave the sink running too long for his liking, or if I stay in the shower too long. Actually, he seems to hate water in general; he doesn't even want to step out when it's raining usually.
    -Freaks out at sprinklers. He also used to freak out at the sound of fish tanks in Petco, but we've worked that out of him.
    -Loves other dogs and wants to play with them. Always. ALWAYS. And he gets depressed whenever visitors (humans and/or dogs!) leave.
    -Only likes to eat things in small bites. I have to cut baby carrots or split his larger treats into pieces before he'll try to chew them.
    -He has a ritual whenever I give him bones where he'll take the bone, mouth on it a little, and then drop it on the floor and stare at it some.... Then he'll suddenly pick it up, and march it over somewhere else in the room, and drop it and paw at it.... And then pick it up again, drop it again, pick it up, and then finally at some point he'll finally decide to start chewing on it.
    -When he's feeling lazy and wants something that is just out of reach, he'll paw at it and start whining in the hopes of getting someone else to bring it to him. Also happens a lot if something goes underneath one of the chairs or couch where he can't reach.
    -If he doesn't feel like I've been paying him adequate attention, he'll jump up on the chair or couch behind me and shove his face between the back of the furniture and the cushion and start whining. This will graduate to him eventually kicking out and wiggling himself to take more and more of the seat until he tries to push me out.
    -Treats the window in my bedroom like his tv and will shove his nose between the blind flaps to see. So many puppy dog smudges on the window....
    -Usually doesn't sneeze just once; it's almost always two or three at a time.
  • KajaKaja
    Posts: 216
    Maaan so many of these new additions speak for my girl too!! Messy drinker, dainty eater... We call her The Sponge. Loves getting her teeth brushed (just not with the mechanical kind haha).

    Something that's been with her since she was a puppy and still true: she's a thrice time pooper. She only gets full run of the house once I know she's done her daily deuce three times ;)

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