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    I am Going to buy a new dog ( first dog that will be really mine ) And fell in love with 4 of the Japanese breeds and would like to know which one i should pick

    This will be my First dog although my grand parents, my cousins, and my dad ( I do not live with him ) have allways had dogs so I'm used to them ! I've been reading all bout training dogs using positive and non repetitive methods. I am going to buy books to learn and will have the help of my cousin that is French Bulldog breeder. I also think that i am enough of a natural leader to have a dog that could be a challenge.

    I am contacting you to have your opinion on what would be the perfect breed for me. I live in Lisbon, Portugal in a big apartment and would have 1 hour per day for exercise and training plus time for 2 to 3 (15-20 min ) walks. during the week end i would have 1 to 3 full days to spend with the dog. I'm looking for a "friend" for a life time, not a dog to feed and keep locked in my room. The dog would have to spend 4 to 7 hours per day alone maximum and i can find people to check on him everyday when I'm not at home. I like to do long walks on the mountains, like to go travel to places with snow ( would take the dog ) and like to skate board and etc.

    SO . . A dog that is smart and somewhat independent but that still loves to play and is kind of a clown some times ( like me ) . A dog that likes to pull if possible ( I skate board ). A dog that likes to learn new tricks.

    I have a big apartment in Lisbon ( Portugal ) and i will always have someone to walk and feed him if i go away somewhere for a week or so and the dog cannot come with me ( my aunt or cousin , that are persons my dog will see at least 2 to 3 times a week ! )

    grooming / shedding is not really a problem as i have the week end to spend with the dog ( only other thing i have to do is study , and i don't study much ! )

    The dog has to be social ( with humans and other dogs ) or at least accept them as i will bring him when I go to a bar or a cafe's terrace to have a drink with friends. And if i go to a club or so , I suppose that any breed after 3 hours walking and training wont really have a problem with staying alone a few hours specially if i bring the dog to my aunt's house.

    The breeds i like are .. well basically any medium / large spitz breed but my favorites are Shikoku / Husky / Shiba / Kishu / Hokkaido

    Thank you for your time !
    Kind regards
    Gabriel Correia
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    You have already posted this elsewhere in the forum. There is no need to post the same thing in each of the breed sections.
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    Oh sorry tough people would only reed it in the section of the breed they know about