FOUND - Male Akita in VA/NC border
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    I wanted to pass this along from the Lost & Found Dogs in VA facebook page - a gorgeous male Akita was found running along I-95 on Christmas Day. Because it's the holidays, the family that lost him could have been traveling. Hopefully he finds his family or someone here might recognize him?

    found akita

    "My name is Dawn. Dec. 25th approx. 4pm i found an Akita running southbound on the northbound side of I95. right around the border of NC and VA. I've contacted Lost & Found Dogs - North Carolina. Male. black and white. black face. he is warm, safe and fed. hoping to reunite this beautiful guy with his family. Call 908.642.3268 ANYTIME if you recognize him."!/LostFoundDogs.VA/photos/a.739761392767172.1073741874.125859484157369/753016964774948/?type=1&theater
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    Thank god for the good samaritan that found him! Hopefully his family finds him soon!