Hunting/walking vest
  • Looking into vest for Kai Ken. I like the miltary style. Any suggestions?
  • shishiinushishiinu
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    Are you getting it for a specific reason? For hunting, there's isnt a lot of need for it unless you're hunting hogs or need a blaze orange vest for safety.
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  • souggysouggy
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    Any reason why?

    I have a Norwegian design which is orange on one side and yellow on the other, which allows the hunter to approach the moose or bird in the right position.

    But I am under the impression it's for night-time walking? If so, florescent yellow are best for that. I use a cheap generic yellow vest for cycling with the dog.
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  • LosechLosech
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    @WrylyBrindle uses these: products/Polar vest/

    I've been looking for a hunting vest for my Laika, but so far haven't been satisfied with much I've seen online. I'll probably just end up making one.
  • Yeah, my kai wear the Hurtta vest for visibility while hunting or while hiking in hunting season. We've also tried several skid plates and brush vests that clip over the back, but for one reason or another none fit the bill. The hurtta vests are visible, silent and comfy, which is what I wanted. If you are looking for something military, though, you probably have other purposes. When I pack my kai, he wears the Ruffwear Approach pack.
  • Mostly packing, night trailing. Where my folks live it's extremely backwoods. We go for long term hikes, fishing and small game hunting. I also want something durable thought and comfortable for him.
  • Something that doesnt russle, well make any noise for that matter I guess haha
  • shishiinushishiinu
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    Do you have a real need for a vest? If I'm out hunting or event hiking, I usually don't like to weigh down my dogs with vests and gear. Especially when it's warm outside, I don't want to overheat my dogs.
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  • zandramezandrame
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    Sounds like you are looking for visibility rather than protection?

    In that case, I'd probably go with the Hurtta Micro vest over the Polar. Because my dog doesn't need insulation, and dislikes step-in products, lol.


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