Inflammatory Bowel Disease
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    Conker was recently diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which explains everything I've been dealing with for the past 4 years. It's not an ideal diagnosis, I was really hoping his digestive problems were curable. IBD is not, but can be managed through diet and medication.
    Conker is currently on a strict diet of cooked rice, turkey, beef, eggs, and beef liver, with a few supplements to cover the nutrients that are lacking. He's been on a short course of metronidazole which has helped immensely. The vet who diagnosed him thought that in addition to the numerous food intolerances I've discovered (not allergies, they are different), Conker could have had an overgrowth of bacteria in his gut, hence the antibiotics. Bacterial overgrowth and food intolerances or allergies are not uncommon in dogs with IDB.

    I've had a strong suspicion that IBD was the cause for Conker's problems for a while now, and the diagnosis doesn't really change anything. It just means that Conker will never be "normal" and that I will always have to be vigilant with what he eats and how he reacts to it.
    But at least I've got something to say when asked now instead of "he's got some unknown digestive problem".
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    Bummer. :(

    I remember when Dave went through this with Lucy. If you search some, you might find his threads about her struggle either here or on the Shiba forum. It might not help you any, but it may give you some "you are not alone" support.

    Keep us updated on how things go with him.
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  • I hope he gets better. :(