Our Newest Brindog Coyote: Pyrrha the Brindle HuskyxDutch Shepherd, with Kumatora and AA's!
  • We had gotten her back in October but I wanted to make sure she was a keeper, and we decided she would stay. It took about 3 weeks to get her and I thought we were gonna miss our chance getting her. I was waiting on a nihon-ken but she was calling my name. So here's some photos with the brindles!

    Some pictures:

    Her Shelter Image


    At Wagging Tail Dog Park





    At the creek behind the dog park


    Surprise Kuma!

    Video of them playing

    Some American Akita's we met, I talked with the guy for a good hour and hes got me convinced on wanting one in the future. He has two that look like AA's but his 3rd new one and youngest looks a bit like a tweener, neither japanese or american. The third one was kumatora's age, weight and height, and also funnily called kuma. After comparing Kuma and the AAs were thinking kumatora is possibly also an American Akita cross, what do you guys think?

    The Big Male (130 pounds)

    Half- Little-Sister Stronger Female of the Male (112-115 pounds)

    The Tweener, Kuma (70 pounds)

    @WrylyBrindle I think your love for brindle dogs is rubbing off on me here, haha.

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  • :) Brindle is Better! You know it! :)

    Pyrrha is a really neat looking dog- and what a smile! Congratulations! And always, Kuma is handsome and strong...

    Those dog silhouettes at the park fence are a bit intimidating LOL
  • @WrylyBrindle I have to agree, Brindle is better. And Brindle dogs seem to go well with artists since I am also a 3-D Animation Student/Concept Artist. But on considering a 3rd dog once we get a house I would love to get a colored-Kishu or black sesame Shikoku male. A kai is on the table to, but the other two first since they appealed to me more. We would get an Akita but I would only want one with working ability and thats gonna be a tough find.

    As I mentioned in the car accident forum she's a pain in the butt to train so that smile is there to trick you. She's pretty efficient trying my patience and she's reactive, unlike Kuma, but were steadily molding her into a more focused and patient husky. She can jump a good 2-3 feet off the ground. And I have agree about those dog silhouettes, they are just apart of the fencing but we have mistaken them countless times for actual dogs. LOL

    Kuma's handsome and strong appearance I'm almost sure now is the result of being a cross with an American Akita, we met a dog that looked almost exactly like her that was an American AkitaxDutch Shepherd which she might be. After babysitting and handling pits and a few bully breeds most of the time none of them impress me in strength and form as much as Kuma does.
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  • LosechLosech
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    She's gorgeous! Gotta be a handful based on her breeds. That is a good shelter picture, a lot of the time they are pretty crappy. Nice shelter pictures really help dogs get adopted :)

    Kumatora does look a bit like an American Akita. Is she a shelter dog too?
  • @Losech She is and the shelter had a really hard time telling what she was as well. She's a bit of an odd looking dog but she hadn't been adopted for the 5 months she was there because of how intimidating she looked and her suspicions of men. I worked with her for for a good month and she turned out quite fine. The guy with the 3 AA's was also convinced that Kuma was a cross as well especially once I explained her behavior.

    -She's standoffish of people in general, and is very goofy and loving with her family or good friends.

    -Is extremely protective of me, will push down dogs that leap up on me. Extremely excited, tense, or nervous dogs catch her eye and she will run over and try to get them separated from a situation that could possible set them off by getting them to focus on her.

    -Selectively Lazy, she has amazing stamina and endurance for a shelter mutt but she will only waste energy on activities she enjoys.

    -Stubborn, prefers to do what she wants to do, tends to give a very unimpressed 'huff' when told not to do something.

    -Dominant Behavior, no matter the size of the dog it never changes that she will always be a dominant girl. She has tried to hump danes, rotts, and other dogs that are waaaaayy bigger than her. However she never gets aggressive or hurt when the dogs tell her no, she'll usually start playing. If a dog can take her humping it usually turns into them just playing extremely rough. She'll take on any challenge but this tends to throw these large dogs off so they try to get away.

    -Silent Hunter and Protector, rarely makes noise, prefers to give a few deep warning barks if someone is at the door. When stalking small animals she will go silent until she gets frustrated enough to start barking when they are in the tree.

    Pyrrha is definitely a handful, but a good introduction into a reactive, high energy dog. I think after next year I'll be pretty prepped for a nihon ken at that point. Considering both these dogs are primitive dog crosses.

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