Yakushima Ken
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    Just stumbled onto this site this morning over breakfast.


    img src="Yakushima" />
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    I been really curious about the yakushima ken for several years now. I have heard good things and bad thins about them but overall they seem to make good hunting dogs. The bad thing I heard was that they might not be the ideal boar dog.
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    Thanks for sharing. They're interesting. What's the climate like in Yakushima?
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    Interesting to find another japanese breed. They look somewhat like Thais.
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    It's wet old forest, lots of mountains. Not too cold.
  • I have to say one of my favorite nihon ken. However,IMO the mikawa ken looks better
    image I just love these rare unknown nihon ken.
  • shishiinushishiinu
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    I have also heard from a few hunters in Japan that the Yakushima ken has redbone hound in them.
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    Wet forest and mountains? Sounds like the Pacific Northwest. ;) It would be cool to learn more about the Yakushima Ken.
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