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    I know this isn't perhaps the best place to ask, but I feel if I can get an answer here that it'll be a good one. Currently I have one male Thai Ridgeback Dog. For those who aren't familiar with the breed, they seem like short haired versions on the Nihon Ken (in a nutshell). I may just ended up getting another TRD, but was thinking about getting a dog that is a little smaller and my husband wants one with less protective instincts. So, that is why I was thinking about a Basenji. They are smaller (about half the size of a TRD), clean like a TRD, and less protective than a TRD. My one personal drawback is the "D" word (destructive). There is one person I know of who has owned both TRDs and Basenjis; they said the two cannot peacefully co-exist. Is that one situation the rule? Any input regarding Basenjis and their interaction with other dogs, particularly the Japanese breeds, is appreciated!

    FYI - our TRD grew up with two other dogs; a boxer (female) and a Japanese Chin (male). The little chin was our TRD's best friend! Some people find that odd since they were both males and the chin being so little (about 10 pounds), but I know of TRDs that co-exist peacefully with little dogs (e.g. chihuahuas, pugs, shih tzu).
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    @curlytails has both a Shiba and a Basenji. Hopefully she will chime in and give you some better input.

    One of my best friends has a Basenji... She (the Basenji) hates my dogs. And of course, one of my Shibas also hates the Basenji, the other could not care less about her one way or the other. Granted, this is just one instance, but everything that I have done to try and get them to tolerate each other has not worked. Their reactive personalities are too similar, I think in this case.
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  • Yes, I bet curlytails will come in and comment when she gets time! I have always wanted a basenji and still toy with the idea every now and then, but they will probably remain on the fantasy dog list instead of getting one for real. I think they might be too Shiba like for me, and I have a Shiba! :) And I've heard some epic tales of destruction! Some of it just from reading BRAT! :) Stories/Good-Bad-Ugly.htm
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    Thank you for your replies! I've spoken with a couple Basenji breeders in the past and have been around some (though briefly). At the time I didn't have a TRD and didn't think to ask if they got along with primitive breeds. Like shibamistress, I think this is more of a fancy than probability for me. Still curious though. :)
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    My Boyfriend had a Basenji when they were growing up, and they also had Akitas and a Shiba at the time. She peacefully Co-existed until she hit maturity- then she was a real jerk to the other dogs, and all the Akitas wanted to kill her as she would sh*t stir them constantly and she was permanantly separated from the rest. My sister in law now has another female Basenji, who is a cow to her two labs and has to be separated. As I understand it, they are just as stubborn and cocky as Shibas and clash with similar temperaments. I have met with a breeder and her Basenji's that are handled by a young kid, and while they are beautiful with her they are SO snobby to me haha.
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    Thanks for your post, koyuki! I'll stick with TRDs ;) my husband wasn't keen on basenjis anyway. Even if we didn't have our Thai, I still am put off by their destruction. A breeder I spoke with told me how quickly her couch was destroyed by one of her basenjis, but said she thought they were easier than TRDs... I'll take the Thai Ridgeback Dog for $200, Alex. LOL seriously, I'll take a TRD any day of the week over a Basenji if we're going to pick "easy."

    I really like Kai Kens from what I have read about them. I was hoping to find a breeder (for our next dog) on the East Coast and pick it up rather than ship. I would like another Thai, but have been told I can't get another until Pa Gaw is in his senior years. :(
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    Where on the east coast are you? There are quite a few Kai over here if you would like to meet one
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    @TRDMOM shuteshii (sp?) Kensha has kai and she's in ohio. I live in VA and she's about a 7 hour drive. It's not bad at all.
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    @NavyDog we're in NC. I hope to be able to meet a Kai one day. Seeing the breed in person helps a lot. I had read about TRDs for about a decade (though sporadically since there wasn't much info available until more recent years), but it was after meeting some that i knew it was a breed that would be a good fit for me.

    @cdenney 7 hours isn't bad. That's actually pretty close! Lol (my TRD came from Hawaii)
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    Isn't Dr. Dave Roberts in NC? He's got a Kai from Brad....
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    I have a couple of my pups that live in VA now. Dave is the only one I know of that has a kai in NC.

    If you are ever in Ohio, you are more than welcome to stop by and meet the dogs.
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    @sjp051993 thank you for the invitation! Hopefully I can take you up on it one of these days. I would love to meet a Kai :)
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    I'm in central Virginia, between Richmond and Charlottesville, so if you ever get up our way, I'd be happy to let you meet Hanzo.
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    We are located in virginia beach so not too far from NC. There is a thread here on the forum for east coast meet ups so you are more then welcome to join us. We have a few Shikoku and shibas in the area as well
  • If you have any questions about Basenjis, message me. I breed them ;)
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    Thank you all! :)
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