• What is everyone's opinion on this vaccine? My new vet has been pushing it to get with both dogs and saying its pretty common down in our area of Texas. I'm still up in the air about giving them yet another vaccine....
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  • If it is prevalent in your area (you could always call other vets for a second opinion) then it wouldn't be a bad idea.

    "The leptospirosis vaccine is considered to be a non-core vaccination. As with any of the non-care vaccines, you and your veterinarian need to decide whether the risk of administering the vaccination outweighs the risk of not administering it."
    - http://www.pet-health-care-gazette.com/2010/10/02/canine-leptospirosis-vaccination-pros-and-cons/

    But it's a pretty severe issue if it is in your area. I would personally get a second opinion if you aren't sure how accurate the information is that your new vet has given you.
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  • We had always avoided but opted to do it recently because our guys kill wild animals sometimes. That's the other factor to consider. But as kira_kira suggested, I would check with another vet if you can. Some vets can be pushy so it can be difficult to figure out if the info is accurate.
  • Don't do it unless you have to. My Akita breeder, who does live in a place where there is lepto (Oklahoma), has it written into her list of instructions for puppy buyers that we don't use the lepto vaccine, because it's that bad. She saw too many bad reactions to it when she was a vet tech.

    And I've seen it myself. I didn't realize it was bundled into the DHLP vaccine my vet routinely gives (why didn't I ask what the L was for? Dumb!) We don't even have lepto here. My girl had a bad reaction the first time (she is an Akita). She cried and seemed to be in pain at the injection site, but also under the arms. But stupidly, I did it again on her final round of puppy shots, and she was in such pain the second time around that we literally couldn't touch her. all her lymph nodes swelled up and she was in pain even walking around. It was terrible, and when I finally figured out what I'd done and talked to my breeder, she said it was typical of the reactions she's seen, esp. in Akitas, to the lepto vaccine. That's why she very strongly recommends we don't get it.

    Akitas are as breed known to have sensitivities to vaccinations. Because of this, I believe it is likely a possibility for all the nihon ken. I have also seen sensitivity to vaccines in my Shibas, who often are ill after vaccinations. I'm super careful with what I give any of them now.

    I'll never give the lepto vaccine again to any dog. For me, it's an easy answer, though: we don't have lepto here, where it is very dry.

    I try to follow Jean Dodd's protocol on vaccinations, and do minimal vaccinations, and never do more than one at the same time. I'm also asking my vet not to bundle the vaccinations like that whereever possible, and of course, no lepto for anyone.
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  • All my guys get it. Pups get it after 12 weeks. It is very common around here due to the deer population. Growing up, we went 2 years with every cow aborting their calves because of lepto. We had to start vaccinating the cattle at that point. I do not get them revaccinated every year for it, but they get it every 3 years after the initial series.
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  • Angirasu had a very bad reaction to DHLP when she was 8 weeks old. Her lymph nodes in her groin/where her legs meet her body swelled up so bad she was limping and unable to walk. The vet did an ultrasound and confirmed it was lymph nodes. Interestingly, the leg OPPOSITE the injection site was the leg that was limping on. Since then we have only given her single shots for Distemper and Parvo. She has never had a reaction to those, so we figure it was the H or the L she had a problem with...
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  • Yep, that's what happened to us, and it was PoetikDragon that helped me figure out what was going on--I knew my girl was sore in under the arms, but when I checked, yep, swollen lymph nodes. She could barely walk either. It was terrible. (And then confirmed by the breeder that I should NOT have been giving the lepto vaccine).

    Like I said, we don't have it here, so it's an easy decision for me, however, I checked into it a bit, because I thought what if I lived in a place that did have it? I know that part of the problem is stagnant water, but also, apparently rodents. If it were me, I'd probably still not give it, and try to control the places my dogs might come into contact with it.

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