puppy debate is decided
  • kagerikageri
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    My debate of what puppy to get was decided for me yesterday. A siberien husky runt fell in my lap. Azami is taking this better than I thought. Aside from me talking to another animal she is ignoring Nijiro. Haru wants to use her as a chew toy. It will be a little while before this 3 lb puppy can play with rough shibas. I think she rivals the shiba scream. Not quite as loud but she's so high pitched I had to move her to a crate downstairs. The noise was just shooting through my head.
  • CaliaCalia
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    What a cutie <3 Congratulations on the new addition!! Huskies are one of those breeds that seem to work well with the nihon ken, once she's settled in she'll fit in real well with the other two.<div class="UserSignature">image
  • Myabee09Myabee09
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    Congrats! She is precious. Your Shiba now has a singing buddy! :)
  • kagerikageri
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    After screaming all night she kept it up out of her crate and was messing with her collar. I took her new collar off and she went to sleep. I need a face palm smiley. She's very vocal which did upset Azami because I got growled at, everyone has been growled at, but she decided 3lb puppies are not a threat. Haruko however thinks that she now rules over someone and is acting food aggressive for the first time. Azami never let her get away with that from day one.
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    Congrats!! Adorable puppy :) good luck with the new transition, I'm sure Azami/Haruko are wondering, "who is this? Is she staying?"
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Cute! Congrats! :)
  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    So cute~!
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    Cute! I've always liked Siberian Huskies.
  • ZinjaZinja
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    I love Sibes. Congrats! What color are her eyes?
  • kagerikageri
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    Very clear blue. She squints at my camera flash everytime. There might be some better phone pics. It's just a pain to get them on computer.
  • kagerikageri
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    ahh puppies. I blindly reached over to see what Nijiro was busy with and stuck my hand in dog poop. I took her out 15mins before. It would help if her response to everything from "need to go outside" to "I'm bored" wasn't simply *howl*
  • Congrats on the new puppy (and breed choice)!
    Azami is cute and I love her name. ♡
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  • Nijiro has caught up some on what she should weigh and what she should be able to do physically. Haruko has given up all pretenses of being in charge. Azami approaches the food and Nijiro moves over. Haruko approaches the food and Nijiro growls. Haru stops. The constant howling has downgraded to constant whining.

  • So cute! I love that nose! Is she chewing your camera strap? Hide the shoes, we've got a chewer! :)
  • My sandals keep walking off and today I found a running shoe in the diningroom. I'm going to have to build a shoe rack before she reaches the stage she can do damage.
  • Lol, Shelby ate about 5 pairs of shoes before she realized they weren't toys. She also ate the belt loops off my husband's pants... and 3 dog beds. And she dug a hole in a wall... all this before she was 6 months old. I wish you the best of luck with your chewer... I did an awful job of keeping mine out of stuff
  • Poor Niji, I was building rabbit cages and she barreled right into the cut end of wire. She screamed for a couple minutes before pacifying herself chewing on my hand. 30 seconds later she was killing the porch rug so I guess she isn't as dying as she told everyone for a square mile.
  • Niji is closer to a normal puppy size and she is a toy hoarder. Including socks


    Haru tried to kill her over food. My husband messed up feeding everyone properly and Niji's head ended up in Haru's mouth. He got Niji away immediately but she cried murder for awhile. We countered her new dog concern by taking her to her first playgroup today. She was cautiously following the big dogs by the end of an hour. We might try Haru at the adult group because it's more controlled than a dog park. Azami doesn't really benefit from such situations. She prefers solo activities.
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