USDA: Puppy Imports Must Be Healthy, 6 Months Old
  • Note the comments,

    This article is only stating part of the story.... this is for pets intended for resale.. I.e. like a pet store... not an individual purchasing a pet overseas as a companion. Look it up on the USDA APHIS website. This article says "ALL" puppies under 6 months which is incorrect.
    「怪獣荘秋田犬」Kaiju Kennels Japanese Akita and Hokkaido, Claire Matthews
  • This is from the CDC pdf accompaying rules explanation, page 2:

    This rule does not apply when there
    is no transfer of ownership or control of
    a dog to another person for more than
    de minimis consideration after the dog’s
    importation into the United States.
    Therefore, dogs imported by a person
    who will use the dog as a personal pet,
    for sport, for shows or competitions, or
    for breeding or semen collection are not
    subject to the 6-month age restriction or
    any other requirements of this rule.