This news report got my attention...
  • tim3308tim3308
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    Looking into flea & heart worm treatment options. Our vet is pretty skittish about Trifexis. I guess this is why:
    Tim Jessell
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  • tim3308tim3308
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    I have no idea why I can't post a link that works(not a computer neophyte)? That is the entire URL...? Copy and paste I guess to see the news report
    Tim Jessell
    Kuma 7yr/m/Shiba, Miko 6yr/f/Shiba, Saki 5 yr/f/Klee Kai/Shiba, Kaiju 1 year/m/A Akita
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    Trifexis can also cause a lot of problems in breeding dogs we found out... whether the mother or father is on it... and years after they've been taken off it. :(
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    Claire, I guess it's hard to get around having the dog ingest pesticides... kinda scary what the corp. vet says in the interview piece - I give him credit for not coming off total "hardline". He probably made someone at Lilly very very mad, despite what little "admittance" he did speak of.

    Also of note, and what you may have experienced, is dogs have been on it for months and then can suddenly have adverse reactions or worse (of course first time reactions for some). The 30,000 cases of reported vomiting was an eye opener, if I remember right?

    Maybe this flea control will work (another reattempt at a link that won't work when clicked - I guess just copy and paste)?:
    Tim Jessell
    Kuma 7yr/m/Shiba, Miko 6yr/f/Shiba, Saki 5 yr/f/Klee Kai/Shiba, Kaiju 1 year/m/A Akita
  • mdokicmdokic
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    I've been sketched out after what i've heard from some people and after i had to stop giving it to kimber because she was puking it up.

    i'm officially done. hopefully i can return all the ones i have left....

    Kimber is now on a combo of iverheart for heartworm, and nexguard i believe for flea...
    Has anyone heard as bad of things from those brands as from trifexis?

    Kona used to be on revolution, when we switched vets they told us fleas were becoming resistant to that medication, which is why they pointed us away from it..
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  • keroline33keroline33
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    Interestingly, the thyroid report I received from Dr. Dodds (Hemopet) also cautioned against using Trifexis as well as Comfortis.

  • omgtainomgtain
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    I've had great success with Revolution, Frontline and Advantage have never worked for us.
    I've used Comfortis with no side effects and I trust them for the most part. I wonder if the reason the report cautioned against it was it might alter the results (of the thyroid test) somehow because it is ingested?

    I've never used Trifexis. So very glad here in WA treatment is minimal and most years we are invisible to the fleas.
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    We were on trifexis too but now we are inbetween different preventatives trying to find ones that work well with her. If anyone has any suggestions, Id love to hear them.
    Right now we are on heart guard and frontline.
  • keroline33keroline33
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    omgtain, that's a good question. I'm going to ask Hemopet for further information why they advised against them. It may be because I mentioned past history of seizures for Taz and they also noted to avoid rosemary or oregano in food & treats since they are neurotoxins. (Which by the way, I found in a good number of treats we had on hand - rosemary more so than oregano though).

    I didn't ask them to clarify on the Trifexis and Comfortis because we use neither, but I think it's good information to pass on to all so I'll let you know when I find out - whether those are known to affect the nervous system or thyroid.
  • Kira_InuKira_Inu
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    There have been extensive conversations about Trifexis on the Shiba Inu Forum.

    Here is a link for reference:

    I would absolutely never use it!
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  • keroline33keroline33
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    This is what Dr. Dodds says:

    Any spinosad product is contraindicated in dogs with a history of seizures (Trifexis, Comfortis).
    Also, avoid product with afoxolaner as well (Nexgard).

    Hope this helps to clarify.
  • keroline33keroline33
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    We're currently using Tri-Heart Plus (ivermectin/pyrantel) for heartworm preventative.

    But I've read that there can be issues with ivermectin for Akitas. I thought I saw something related in a post on this forum when I was browsing once, but can't find it again.

    Can anyone advise on this, or point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  • Myabee09Myabee09
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    I wish my parents vet would read this. One of their dogs has regular seizures... she hasn't recommended him for seizure medication and prescribes him Comfortis. I keep telling them it's dangerous.

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