Kiyomi has joined our family!: Photo updates 8/14/14
  • roninshibaroninshiba
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    We have now transitioned from "soon to be Shikoku parents" to Shikoku puppy slaves. Kiyomi joined us last Wednesday when we picked her up in Courtenay. We spent 12 hours on the road, on the sea and in the air with her and she was fantastic the whole time.

    Our 5 yr old Shiba Inu, Kuma, wasn't too happy when we introduced them, but after a few days being together they get along pretty well. Of course that is until Kiyomi decides she needs to be in his face constantly. It's a lot of fun watching them play together.

    Kiyomi, Kina(@shikoku31) and Tenchu(@Racie) are from the same litter.

    For now here are a few pics of Kiyomi:

    photo kiyomi_bag.jpg

    photo kiyomi_z1.jpg

    photo DSC_0140.jpg

    photo DSC_0142.jpg

    photo kiyomi_0151.jpg

    photo DSC_0161.jpg

    photo kiyomi_0166.jpg

    photo kiyomi_0171.jpg

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    Adorable! :) Love the name and nice coloring too.
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    Beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures as she grows!
  • Kira_InuKira_Inu
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    Kiyomi is already gorgeous, can't wait to see how much more beautiful she gets!
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  • BootzBootz
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    amagawd :( let me know if you ever need a baby sitter! I'm not far away near Watson Park!!

    Husband said no to a 3rd dog. But he's ok with my dog-sitting other NKs. ;) Maybe it'll persuade him!

    So who was the most excited in your family? Pretty sure your daughter was crazy about getting another puppy.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Oh wow. She is gorgeous! Congrats on bringing her home. :)
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  • RacieRacie
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    Congrats on Kiyomi!

    We also have a 5 year old Shiba, he and Tenchu are working on getting along. So far the Shiba just runs upstairs when he is fed up with Tenchu.
  • jennjenn
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    So gorgeous! Congrats!
  • LosechLosech
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    She's cute! Gonna be gorgeous as an adult.
  • shikoku31shikoku31
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    Wow! She is gorgeous!!! Love her look! Congrats!
  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    Kiyomi is super cute!
    I got a red snake similar Kiyomi's for Meitou, too. He chewed off half its face and the tip of the tail, but he loves it.
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  • roninshibaroninshiba
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    Thanks everyone! We are extremely happy to have her. She's been a good girl so far. She is quite active and a brave little one. Didn't take her long to figure out she could jump up on the couch and shortly after that she jumped off the back. We make sure to keep a watchful eye now. Every once in a while if we're sitting on the couch she launches herself at one of us and then proceeds to give us kisses. It's funny, but if you're not expecting it, you get a nose in the eye.

    @Bootz, you are right. My daughter has wanted a pup for a while, especially since we got Kuma at about 1 year old. She's quite happy now although she wanted Kiyomi at the furry potato stage.

    @Racie, for the first couple of days, we kept the contact between Kiyomi and Kuma limited to a few minutes. He wasn't too pleased with her. Kiyomi bugged the heck out of Kuma and we let him "correct" her. It sounded much worse than it was. He didn't nip her or anything, but he got his message across. She's more wary about when to approach him now, although we keep the two apart so that he can have his space. They play together well, but only when Kuma wants to. She's at the point now where she just follows him around. If he doesn't want her around he lets her know.

    @WhoBitMe, Kiyomi really likes that snake. It's actually Kuma's snake but he doesn't seem to care if she plays with it. Kuma used to play with the snake a lot, but he rarely touches it now. We have a Mr Bill toy and she bit his nose off. Her favorite toys right now are the Kong braids toys, one is Kuma's chewed up moose, a moose head and just rope strands at this point, and the other is her little red cardinal braid.
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    She looks great -- congrats!!
  • DragonflyDragonfly
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    She's a cutie :) Congrats
    photo Kiyoshi-SteveNakatani-2014-1165gnew_zps67b88604.jpg
  • JackaloupJackaloup
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    Look at those little red ears!
  • roninshibaroninshiba
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    More Kiyomi spam from today...

    photo Kuma_Kiyomi_10x7-0193.jpg

    photo Kuma_Kiyomi_10x7-0196.jpg

    photo Kuma_Kiyomi_10x7-0197.jpg

    photo Kuma_Kiyomi_10x7-0208.jpg

    photo Kuma_Kiyomi_10x7-0214.jpg

  • rafatturirafatturi
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    Congrats! That is a really really cute puppy!
    photo 10428883_10202259399228531_564340254_n_zps82bfd9ba.jpg
  • LOL The last picture of your first post; your Shiba is looking at you like "WTF did you bring back home!?" :))
  • roninshibaroninshiba
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    Thanks @Grayjj, @Dragonfly & @rafatturi!

    @poltergeist, too funny! I think you hit the nail squarely on the head! I'd wouldn't doubt that Kuma was thinking exactly that. :)
  • ttddinhttddinh
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    @poltergeist I was thinking that too….like, "when is this thing leaving"
  • Myabee09Myabee09
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    Haha! I just noticed that look! I think my Shiba did the same thing when I brought home my chi puppy. She was like, "wth is this tiny squeaking critter, and what is the return policy for it?" It's so great you got a picture of that! I'm sure they'll be besties in no time. :)
  • SpitzfeverSpitzfever
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    So cute :)
  • roninshibaroninshiba
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    Kiyomi is growing fast! She has doubled her weight since we picked her up 17 days ago (now ~13 lbs) and she is quite a bit taller. Should have measured her when we got home... Lots of work keeping up with her, but so much fun...

    More Kiyomi spam...

    This is video of Kuma and Kiyomi playing two days after we came home.

    More video 11 days later...

    photo DSC_0230.jpg
    My first bone!

    photo DSC_0233.jpg

    photo DSC_0238.jpg

    photo IMG_0819.jpg

    photo IMG_0821.jpg

    photo DSC_0002-1.jpg

    photo Kiyomi-0012.jpg
  • OMG she is gorgeous!! I love her coloring

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  • BootzBootz
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    Omg... so cute!! Kuma is adorable with her around. Didn't get to see him like that at the dog parks.

    Ok. Wow THATS your backyard?!?! NICEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • rubyruby
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    Love love love the spotted belly
  • haalumnihaalumni
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    I'd like to call first dibs on her clone.

  • More Kiyomi spam. Pictures of Kiyomi and Kuma playing in the backyard. Kiyomi is about 15 wks in these pix and growing like a weed... She's about 15.5+ inches at the withers and somewhere around 20 lbs. She's a little fireball, but so much fun...

    photo DSC_0109-1.jpg

    photo DSC_0146-1.jpg

    photo DSC_0154-1.jpg

    photo DSC_0156-1.jpg

    photo DSC_0157-1.jpg

    photo DSC_0170.jpg
  • She's a beauty! Love the pic of both dogs standing side by side : )
  • Kira_InuKira_Inu
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    Wonderful pictures of the two playing!
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  • @ruby, Kiyomi has a couple of black spots on her tongue as well
    @haalumni, I think we're keeping the first clone :)

    Thank you @keroline33 and Kira_Inu
  • Oh my gosh, these are the cutest photos ever!
    Her colour is gorgeous!
  • emi802emi802
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    Yea, she's so pretty! :) is she bigger than kuma yet? She looks like she's getting close in sir size based on the last photo

    Edit: curses. Auto complete.
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  • ShibafoxShibafox
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    I know this post is older...but I'm hoping your still around to answer :). Adorable pics by the way! How big was the soft crate in the first pic? What is Kiyomi's size in relation to Kim's now?
  • justinjustin
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    So cute! Found their insta too ;) , followed!

    Currently on Katja's waiting list and would love if you could comment on your experience working with her. I plan on flying up to visit Akashima this year and I'm super excited!!!
  • Hi @Shibafox, Have not been here for a long time. I got the soft crate from Amazon. Just do a search for "Sherpa-Delta-Carrier-Medium-Black" and it'll pop up. Pretty inexpensive and it was good for a few months. It just fit under the seat on the plane.

    Not sure of Kimi's size, but Kiyomi is about 22" at the withers and is somewhere around 35+ lbs. Haven't weighed her in a while, so that's a guess.
  • @justin, Congratulations! Katja was very easy to communicate with, both via phone and email. I was on her waiting list for about 1.5yrs. I was waiting for a female and there were two litters which were all males so the wait was longer. We got constant updates from Katja and Mac, email before the litter was born and both video & photos after. The litter Kiyomi was from, was with Mac Guillet in Chilliwack for the first 7 weeks as Kimi is Mac's girl.

    My family & I went to visit the litter @ 4 wks in Chilliwack and picked up Kiyomi at Katja's in Courtenay @ 8 wks. Both Katja and Mac are great people and really care for their packs so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    It was well worth going to see the litter at Mac's and visiting with Katja, We got to meet and play with the litter and all of the Shikoku, both Mac's and Katja's. Mac was about 1.5 hrs drive east of Vancouver then. I'd recommend staying on Vancouver island if you're going to visit Katja as she is a good 2.5 hour drive from Victoria. If you're staying in Vancouver you need to consider the ferry ride as well. It's all beautiful country so bring your camera/camcorder.
  • justinjustin
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    @roninshiba Thank you so much for the share! I was afraid you might not respond cause it's been awhile.

    So when the time was coming up and the mom was pregnant, you were able to discuss your preferences with Katja (color, sex, temperament/personality)? I'm currently on the waiting list but I KNOW that I won't have the time to devote to training/socializing the pup until late 2018, and I've discussed this with Katja. Of course I would prefer waiting longer for my ideal pup but was also wondering if Katja is ok with that as well?


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  • Hi @justin. I had specified that I wanted a female, because I already had male Shiba who was then 5 yrs old. It was a pretty easy choice because I was first on the list for the litter and was leaning toward a black sesame. Kiyomi was the only female black sesame, but when we went to visit, I was positive she was the one. Temperament wise, she was one of the most active and dominant of the litter, which was fine by me. She's feisty and it's a lot of fun.

    Mac had the litter for the first 7 wks and he and his family did such a great job of exposing them to all sorts of things, people, crates, indoors, water, noise etc. Kiyomi had no issues with the soft crate when we picked her up, no issues with her crate at home, and it barely took 2 wks to house train her. Training is important, but you can do lots of things at home for short periods of time multiple times a day and on walks.

    Socializing is a big deal, especially for Shikoku. They will tend to get in other dogs faces and can easily irritate other dogs, because they are very forward. They need to learn where other dogs boundaries are and they will learn thru interaction with other dogs. You need to find the time to socialize your pup, or you may wind up with a Shikoku who doesn't tolerate other dogs well or at all. I've met one Shikoku like this a few weeks back. Kiyomi wanted to meet him, but we had to stay back, because he was having none of it.

    I haven't been reading this forum for a while, but based on comments in the Shikoku FB page it's not uncommon for Shikoku to have issues with other dogs. Kiyomi has issues with small yappy dogs and timid dogs. I spent a lot of time with her at dog parks, when she was younger. I gave up on the dog parks as she got older, because I would invariably have to separate her from another dog. There were lots of dogs she got along with, but a few she would always have issues with. I have to be vigilant to her behavior when introducing her to other dogs.

    I can't speak for Katja, but if you can wait 'till late 2018, it'll be better for you and the pup. Last thing you want is an unruly Shikoku that either won't behave and/or doesn't get along with other dogs...
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  • justinjustin
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    @roninshiba I'll message you so as to not take away from the main purpose of this thread!

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