DIY 50,75, or 100 foot paracord leash?
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    Well recently I got cursed off and yelled at the park me and my dogs go to because apparently Kumatora 'attacked' a man's yorkie. Kuma is a Dutch Shepherd(or GSD or some shepherd)xShar Pei mix and is often mistaken for a pitbull mix. She lives with pugxcairn terrier which plays rough with her, she has met countless small dogs and even been on the small dog side of the dog park many times, leashed and off-leashed. Overall the most I've seen even close to attacking is when Kumatora uses her giant feet or mouth to try and play. I can even leave her alone in a room with Shiloh and she's fine. Kuma is also friendly with kids and won't jump up on them like adults which were working on. Only aggressive attack I have seen from her was when a pitbull charged and try to really bite her and when I got covered at the dog park from my actually unpredictable dog Shiloh deciding he decided to hate boxers and I got stuck under the two of them trying to get my dumb pug before he hurts himself. She didn't even bite bite, she just charged and nipped and shoved them away to the best of her ability, she tries to use warning signs and charging before ever really going forth.

    Short Story: Kuma, Shiloh, and I were playing at the usual park, there is a playground side, where I have seen dogs off leash the most because you can fence them in, and then there is a tennis court/basketball court park side which is smaller but less people and also dogs are walked or played with over there off leash, there is also a creek on that side. We got her initial socialization on leash and off at this very park before our dog park trips, we made alot of friends there. Well Kuma was was practicing water retrieves and Shiloh likes to keep watch. Her favorite tennis ball though got stuck on the high limestone wall near the playground side. So I climb up there to retrieve it, Kuma climbs up way faster than me though along with Shiloh and retrieves it first when we search. I hop the fence since the way back down was actually alot more slippery, pick Shiloh over and then tried to get Kuma over however she made it difficult and was refusing to even try. So I run around to the other side, hoping to meet up with her, we missed eachother though and when I come back around she runs over to me very excited, the guy yells and curses at me saying my dog attacked his dog. I try to apologize and assess the situation calmly and ask what happened and was it an attack, did his dog get hurt, but also was kuma really trying to hurt his dog or play with it since I know 90% of the time, she looks so intimidating its usually mistaken for aggressiveness. He ignores me and tells me he never wants to see me again, I try asking the small group of other people and he kept blowing them off. From afar I could see his yorkie was either off leash or walking around with a leash attached with no person, and he/she was fine for the most part and most likely Kuma just wanted to play and was too rough thinking it was like Shiloh.

    He kept reminding me of the leash law (kinda hypocritical) however I thought the creek side was exempt since they don't have a sign over there, he might call the cops on me even if sees me with the dogs leashed, but its been a long time coming anyhow get her a proper long tracking leash.

    I've been waiting to get a really good, durable one since both the dog and I are extremely harsh on materials. But I thought to just make one since I make it a custom length and with all the features I need. What would be the best length for a year old ShepherdxPei? She loves the run, play fetch, sniff and explore, want to practice tracking with her as well and advancing her lie down and sit to the staying in one place and coming when called.

    I was thinking 50ft might be too short since her chuck-it is a 26M and thats about 75-85 feet its going on a regular throw. But 100 ft would be long enough but is it possible it can also be too long? Im using military grade paracord or the hollow core polypropylene rope.

    The leash will also have a locking D-Carabiner attached to a swivel clip, which will give me and her extra security. I'm also thinking of adding a 2-5 ft bungee cord extension for shock absorption since this will be on her new dog packs and ruffwear webmaster harness. I would love to hear your guys recommendation for parts! So far its:

    -Swivel Clip
    -Heavy Duty Duct Tape
    -Bungee Cord (Optional)
    -Some kind of soft or cushioned handle piece? (like the ones on the ezy dog leashes)

    Also yes, you may call me irresponsible, but as much as we do try to avoid trouble that memorial day was not the day, I even made sure their weren't any dogs around that weren't our normal friends and move away from people when were doing our fetch since their were very few people at the park when I first got there. Just mainly teens, college students, and a few adults who greeted, pet, and played with my dogs as we walked around or minded their own business. I take fault for my slip up, but I also believe that the guy could of calmed down enough to actually converse with me since I was trying to set it right, and was telling him what happened and asking questions but think what was making him mad was i was also not rearing back at him and that I was truly sorry. I hate Kuma is mistaken for a dangerous dog because she's vocal when playful and because most people can't tell what she is so it makes it hard for people to tell that shes actually playing since they get frightened. She's always wagging her tail, very loose movements, even barking and growling at dogs to play always encouraging them to get up. I lead her away when she gets too excited and ask if its ok if she does that since some dogs love it, others dont. I believe she wasn't adopted for the longest time because she was so scary looking.

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    How many strands of paracord will you use? Just remember, thinner lines are harder to grab and can burn your hands and legs.

    We made a line for Kouda from some rope we got at Home Depot. Added a carabiner, and learned to tie some knots. We didn't want to spend much, and it has worked well for us so far. It is 50ft, but we let it drag on the ground.

    In action

    Eventually I do want to get a biothane cord line
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    Those biothane cord lines are awesome. I have been wanting one for a while, but never seem to bite the bullet and get one.
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    I actually just made a couple leashes. @tmd showed me his leash that's made out of rock climbing rope but money has been tight lately so Instead of buying one, I got the stuff to make em. I bought 100ft of rock climbing rope and a few carabiner clips for about $30. I used various types of knots to make a 6 ft leash that could also be clipped around your waist. I like the rock climbing rope over paracord because there's no need to double it up or braid it and it's thick enough that it doesn't cut into your hand. I did double up the handle just for added comfort. I will post pics of it in a bit.
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    photo 982B4F2B-445A-4BDA-B6A6-7A21434A38C9.jpg

    photo 45954188-CC83-43E3-A212-0EED34283466.jpg

    photo 27BB2B37-26C5-4287-BE26-807934B65C16.jpg
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    @NavyDog Really nice! I may take the knot idea but I also already have a stronger jogging leash that I can add this leash as an extension. Maybe also add this when tying her to maybe like a tree in an very open area for training.

    @zandrame I was thinking 3 strands but NavyDog's suggestion about the climbing rope i may switch to that instead. So now its now to climbing or polypro rope. I'm also planning to get some fids anyhow so that may be better anyway. I've seen the biothane cord and webbing but do you you know where to purchase just the material?
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    The climbing rope you can get from an army surplus store for about $30 for 100ft so you will have plenty to play with. I went with knots instead of binding because I've had leashes fall apart where it was bound. Knots will only get tighter. Here is a site with a bunch of useful knots
    I use bowline on a night for the doubled up handle and a butterfly for the middle carabiner clip
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    I just wanted to pop in and tell you not to be too hard on yourself. People are scared of Mya and Shelby because of how vocal they can be while playing. I don't know how many people I've had to talk to about this because they thought my dogs were fighting each other.
    If you were irresponsible, you wouldn't be here asking about leash advice.
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    I can tell you that would be an astronomical amount of para cord that you would need, but it can be done! Probably 500+ feet of each color.

    We have a small, skinny one as a backup in my car and it burns my hand if Kira pulls. Here is my favorite leash that my boyfriend made for us:


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    The biothane cord looks cool. It doesn't cut into flesh, does it?

    And that climbing rope leash seems awesome @NavyDog I think I'm going to have to try that once I find a supply store or somewhere with cheaper climbing rope.

    I have some sort of bright yellow cord long line for Meitou, but...I've had it saw into the fingers of both hands (a month apart!) so I'm really leery about using it anymore and I've been wondering about alternatives for when I go hiking.
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    Biothane should not hurt your hands. It is grippy, doesn't tangle, and is waterproof. You can get it flat, or as a cord. The "leather" finishes make for nice leashes.

    I haven't really sought out the raw material, but you can always ask a shop for a custom order and maybe they'll sell it to you. Like this one -

    Or, ebay, by the foot (flat kind) -

    Or find a distributor
  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    i have a permatack long line- but for puppies or training transition from long lining to offleash I used a cotton clothesline- its light and soft and they dont feel it like they do a heavy line.

    If you are trying to comply with leash laws, though, you should find out what the law actually says. For example- they can say dogs must be "on a maximum six foot leash" or simply "under control at all times".
  • KnichtusKnichtus
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    @WrylyBrindle Alright after searching since it was bit vague, it says dogs must be on a 6 foot leash or less when off of your property. Wow they really must not be enforcing this because I can talk about how much I have seen dogs off leash in park areas or just having the leash attached and them bolting around playing fetch. So no matter what I still can't comply but its either I at least have some form of restaint and take the risk or just try to find more isolated areas. Dallas is one of the cities where they try to apply the leash law to all dogs, but Texas is more so focused on dangerous dogs need to be restrained. But another site says, and this is at a park, a dog must be on a leash at all times (no specified length) And looking at the official written work its not very clear, just leashed, no specified length so maybe it depends on the park? I'm thinking so.

    @zandrame Thanks for the links! Definitely saving these for future leashes.

    I have acquired 100 foot of fairly soft 3/8" polyester rope, and have tied and ducttaped some knots, were going to test it out today. She is wearing her ruffwear harness as well so maybe I'll take some pictures!
  • KnichtusKnichtus
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    Well this only lasted one hour as it seemed today that Kuma did not want any interaction with me. She also didn't seem overjoyed she had to be leashed as well. But I have noticed she's starting to get fairly disinterested like Shiloh did at this age at any interaction. I'm going to think it was just hot and she didn't want to do anything but typically she plays.

    If it persists Kuma will most likely end up being my second dog that even with treats does not like playing or training, this was what happened with Shiloh and almost kept me from adopting again. Maybe I'll just have to train her to play with balls, with shiloh this didn't work and he dislikes being outside and exclusively will only play a bit inside.
  • KnichtusKnichtus
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    Alright she is still hating on the leash about to post some photos but I think today were gonna try the agility course at the dog park. And start training her to play with toys again, she likes them inside, but their are only a few she goes for outside. We'll do a proper test with it today while were there before heading to the pond area.

    She's starting to show an even stronger instinct for tracking, especially rabbits and squirrels, so maybe i need to spray some rabbit scent and squirrel scent on rubber balls and be using the leash while doing that training sometime in the next month or so.
  • ShikokuShikoku
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    @Knichtus - Let her drag the leash around in house to get use to it

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  • KnichtusKnichtus
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    @Shikoku thanks for the tip! We let her drag it inside the house for a moment and gave her some treats, and then went to basically our 'yard' next to the apartment. We live in a fairly secluded area of the complex. Gave her a couple more treats and used one of her favorite toys along with her new toy and shes starting to get the hang of it. Seems she needed a challenge though, so now were taking her to our pond dog park to get her to swim and chase after balls, seems its just what she needed.

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