My Two Rescues- Shiloh and Kumatora
  • KnichtusKnichtus
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    I own two mutts, a, what we believe to be, Dutch ShepherdxShar Pei cross named Kumatora and a pugxcairn Terrier named shiloh! Kuma just turned a year old on the 20th!

    Kuma being silly

    More of Kuma
    photo 20140422_200904_zpsd7c2e741.jpg

    photo 20140422_200858_zps170cc13f.jpg

    photo 20140422_201144_zpsaf0ca96c.jpg

    photo 20140422_200349_zps897fea2b.jpg

    photo 20140422_200338_zpsd7ba640e.jpg

    photo 20140422_200325_zps1afa18c9.jpg

    photo 20140422_200300_zps3b014c04.jpg

    Kuma and Shiloh

    photo 2013-12-29185015_zps966eb4bf.jpg

    photo 20140422_201240_zps4f4860e4.jpg

    Probably need to take some more pictures of shiloh most of them though i have of him are usually him sleeping LOL
  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    Aw, they are both so cute!
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  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    Shiloh is adorable but- I am partial to Kumatora! I could just bring him right home- what a handsome dog :x
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Adorable! Kuma looks like a fun dog! :)
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  • KnichtusKnichtus
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    Shiloh is adorable but- I am partial to Kumatora! I could just bring him right home- what a handsome dog :x

    Haha thanks! Kumatora is actually a girl LOL, she gets mistaken for a guy so often because of her handsome features. Shiloh meanwhile gets mistaken for a girl even though hes the man. She's still growing even at a year old, people been saying she may gain another inch and then fill out.

    Must say I love all your brindle beasts, Kuma probably fit right in haha.
  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    Oh how embarrassing! I should have looked more closely! Sorry, Kuma!

    Reilly (dog #2 below) has the same problem- she gets a lot of "Hey there, Big Guy!" from strangers.
  • Hinata23Hinata23
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    Cute pooches!

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