Necrotic tick bites - Gross
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    I just got back from the vet with Katana, who has a very strange looking tick bite on his crotch. Its not a normal tick bite, which presents as a hard bump, but is instead a hole with a red ring around it. It is about the size of a pencil eraser, slightly deeper than wide.
    Yesterday morning this was a normal tick bite, but when I got home from work it looked like this. It was too late to make an appointment for that afternoon so I called this morning and got one for today.
    I've never seen this before from a tick bite, which I am 100% sure is that it originally was (because I pulled the damn thing off!) Since it went nasty so quick I decided to take Katana in and either have spent $45 on nothing or have prevented something bad... Which is what would have happened had I not.

    For those curious, look up "necrotic tick bite." Exact same thing happens as does a brown recluse bite... It's very rare but if there's one deathbite tick in the area, there are more.

    Katana is now on antibiotics for two weeks (cephalexin) and will get betadine dabbed on the wound and any other tick bites I might find until healed. The vet said it will probably get worse before it gets better, and to watch out for signs of lyme disease.
    The vet was alarmed (and he's a very laid-back guy) at it's rapid progression, hence the antibiotics and betadine. He said it was a really good thing I brought him in instead of wait, since it was killing tissue so quickly, it could have gotten much worse in a very short period of time. And with it's proximity to his manjunk... That could have turned out REALLY badly.
    The vet also said it would probably be a good idea to pick up some tick collars/spray/whatever for when I take the dogs into the woods as some extra security.

    Anyways, not to freak anyone out since this is *incredibly* rare, but it is a real danger and something to watch out for in areas with heavy tick infestations. I had no idea this was possible until it happened.

    I'll keep you updated on Katana's nectotic tick bite, if it gets worse and how it heals up.
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    gah... gross. :(
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    and scary!
  • Totally gross! But thank you for informing us about it.

    How were you alerted to the bite? Was Katana licking at the area?
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    I pulled the tick off him so I knew a bite was there, and due to curiosity I keep tabs on all my dog's tick bites that I know of. I check them several times a day for increased reddening, licking, or other signs of irritation just-in-case. You never know...
    Katana does lick it like crazy, so that helped alert me to it's nastyness as well. Anytime I see my dogs lick more than regular grooming I check the area out.
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    It's been a couple days since the diagnosis, here is an update picture.
    It's redder, but is not seeping fluid anymore. Katana still licks but but not as much and doesn't nibble on it anymore. It looks like it is beginning to heal up.
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    Poor Katana. :( Glad to hear he seems to be doing better. Ticks freak me out.
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    I think when i was younger, something similar happen to me. It was eating at my flesh...had a deep hole like the one you pictured...even worst was the puss that came out from the wound x_x.

    Wow that is scary. What a great parent you are for keeping track of these stuff :)

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