Oliver's Thread
  • TrishTrish
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    Hi everyone! I think it's finally time I start a thread for Oliver here (we frequent the Shiba Inu forum) :)

    Anyway, he's my little guy, Oliver! He just turned 11 months yesterday and I cannot get over how big he has gotten!



    He got neutered on March 31st and I don't think I've seen a happier cone head in my life :P

    Also, since it's Thursday (aka Throwback Thursday) here is a picture of baby Oliver (with his biological brother Kovu)
    Oliver and Kovu
  • Hinata23Hinata23
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    Shiba puppies are so darn cute!
  • DragonflyDragonfly
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    Aww he's so sharp looking, What a cutie! They grow up so fast..
    photo Kiyoshi-SteveNakatani-2014-1165gnew_zps67b88604.jpg
  • mdokicmdokic
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    Look at that face :D
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  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    Oh, Oliver's face is so cute! So, so, so cute....
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  • Precious boy! :)
    photo 6b74d441-46df-4852-af9a-1f765aea9bb0.jpg
  • Kira_InuKira_Inu
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    So handsome!
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  • SayaSaya
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    Love the pics. :) He's a handsome red shiba.
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