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    I've been on here since 2009 and learned a lot through the years. Saya is my first nihon ken and though she has a spinal issue she still lives a good life, good diet, and have lots of fun hikes.

    She goes pretty much everywhere dogs are allowed. she even went down to Louisiana when we went down for my brother's graduation coarse she stayed at his home for the graduation. she had fun exploring their property saw some big cat fish, crawfish, Tank the hunting lab, and Louie the tiny house dog. She loved Tank.

    As a semi veteran of this board I thought it would be good to post some pics of my first Nihon ken. I feel so lucky to have Saya as my first Nihon ken I've own dogs before a gsd mix, then boxer, when the gsd mix died we got a catahoula mix and another boxer.

    We currently have Saya and Bella. Bella is my mom's boxer, but I do a lot of work with her so she is semi my dog too.
    Shiba inu is a nice change from boxers.. I love her independent, high prey drive and aloof nature.

    Saya on the way home from her breeder.
    photo DSC03917_zps68225838.jpg

    She is riding in style in a mustang! :D mom borrowed brothers car as her's was in for repairs.
    photo DSC03944_zps3441d040.jpg

    she mostly slept the whole way every so often getting up to look around chew on her toy and lick my hand. She must gotten tired playing with her brother before I picked her up. hehe
    photo DSC03982_zps250c4e18.jpg

    saya first time meeting Bella. :) Both hit it off well. It took while to get Bella to play calmly as she never had such a tiny playmate.
    photo DSC03989_zpsfcee4e61.jpg

    she loves having a toy in her mouth she'd wag her tail and growl playfully at anyone who came by. She loves to follow people.
    photo DSC03992_zps0593bfda.jpg

    photo DSC03993_zps1d55a5df.jpg

    She loved watching the tv when I played Okami she'd perk up when I had Ammy bark. hehe
    photo DSC04037_zpse827222a.jpg

    Coarse she loved using my legs as pillow.
    photo DSC04042_zps12df118f.jpg

    Eating meal in her temporary crate. it's mainly for the cats for vet visit, but it worked till her wire crate came. She really liked it too she still will go into this crate if I get it out and open the door she fits in it, but not enough room compared to her big crate.
    photo DSC04043_zps2aef5702.jpg

    photo DSC04053_zpse9228d37.jpg

    photo DSC04058_zps69da7ab3.jpg

    Bella is so big compared to Saya. Bella birthdate is November 20th and Saya's is Aprile 20 or 29 they're both sorta close in age.
    photo DSC04064_zps0b7b1336.jpg

    This was daily occurrence with Saya each night I put toys in the toy box and each morning she got them out one by one. The toys kept her happy and busy so I didn't mind. hehe
    photo DSC04067_zps130b74d7.jpg

    Saya has some flower jewelry.
    photo DSC04068_zpsc69f012b.jpg

    photo DSC04080_zps72750746.jpg

    Bella tired.. She is no match for Saya's crazy antics.
    photo DSC04087_zps2205175f.jpg
    Saya's bat ears.. she grew into them eventually.
    photo DSC04119_zps72d0269e.jpg
    She loved laying on her back as a pup. That blue loofa dog is her favorite toy she hit me once at night playing with it. haha
    photo DSC04127_zps984f8927.jpg

    Having a nice time in her crate I used towels and later used fleece blankets as bedding.
    photo DSC04130_zpscae5b456.jpg
    I had shut the door while I read a book in the same room and found her in her back position.
    photo DSC04131_zps16b98712.jpg

    The ultimate derpy picture.. both look pretty crazy. haha
    photo DSC04135_zpsf1545a64.jpg

    photo DSC04137_zps2745d93d.jpg

    Saya going to her ambush spot. she loves hanging under the chair then she runs out and bites Bella on the leg to get her to chase her around. haha
    photo DSC04147_zpsa3d44fbc.jpg

    bella needs a t shirt that says I survived an shiba attack.. haha Puppy shiba teeth are so sharp and tiny. Coarse Bella's floppy lips made good thing to bite on. hehe
    photo DSC04161_zps58ef351b.jpg

    photo DSC04165_zpsd5a52b14.jpg
    Saya's new crate came and she loves it. I made it smaller with the dividers as it was big I got size up recommended for shiba. I figured it would be more nice and comfy for her.
    photo DSC04179_zpsc9f450d2.jpg

    photo DSC04194_zps5f84d3ff.jpg

    photo DSC04231_zps4512c53c.jpg

    Bag all set up for our lake trip.
    photo DSC04253_zps3b308c0e.jpg

    Kid on left is my cousin other kid is her friend and me on right of the pic.
    photo DSC04091_zps0bc8c471.jpg

    Saya did good on the boat it was a july type boat parade.. We were on the water to watch people go by it was lots of fun. No fire works went off it was just few sparklers and people dressed up as disney characters, statue of liberty, gorilla and who knows what else. haha It was good socialization experience for her. she's been on that boat a lot.
    photo DSC04093_zpsa0319dee.jpg

    She got sleepy so I covered her up.
    photo DSC04101_zps6ac11c25.jpg
    she later came out of her hiding spot and cuddled by my cousin.
    photo DSC04103_zps31d129f6.jpg

    photo DSC04109_zps2d9f4b55.jpg
    Sketch I did of my soon to be pup I only seen pics from emails and doodled and research more to help pass time.
    photo DSC02923_zps9804b7da.jpg

    I held my hand out to try see if she would paw at it or something. she went and set her head on my hand it was so cute. She still will do this to me if I put my hand out she loves neck massages.
    photo DSC04287_zps17db7ae7.jpg
    Got saya her flea/tick stuff on so we can go on walks in field instead of in yard..
    photo DSC04289_zps30696f5b.jpg
    Saya's first field walk posing on the rock. :) was warm that day.
    photo DSC04303_zpseb0b437c.jpg
    She was so tired after the walk she took a good nap.
    photo DSC04329_zps4ffcb3c8.jpg

    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    photo DSC04335_zpseb28d679.jpg

    photo DSC04396_zps284a79d9.jpg

    photo DSC04398_zpsf6b340d3.jpg

    photo DSC04399_zps49c901df.jpg

    photo DSC04400_zps2fb7a905.jpg

    photo DSC04401_zps5967e29d.jpg

    photo DSC04417_zps1014bd15.jpg

    photo DSC04420_zps3db6b728.jpg
    I put Bella's puppy coat on Saya to see how Saya would like it. coarse Saya preferred to run naked. hehe She has never needed a coat yet thanks to her natural shiba coat.
    photo DSC04437_zps6ae11398.jpg

    Here's video of Saya being vocal. Saya is not a barky type of dog, but she loves to yodel when someone comes inside or excited she also makes all kinds of crazy noises when playing, but other then that she is silent. Excuse the odd noise in background it was my old pc ready to die out any day.

    Saya meeting our neighbor's cat the cat loved Saya, but once they got a second cat it decided hanging with dogs weren't as fun as another cat. Saya had fun while it lasted.
    photo DSC05572_zps50e599b5.jpg

    photo DSC05574_zpsd5c881a7.jpg

    Luckily we had three cats so she is used to them she never met a young cat so she was thrilled to have one which plays back with her not just cuddles with her.
    photo DSC05578_zpse9da0c5e.jpg

    photo DSC05580_zps707b886b.jpg
    Got the cat and dog fun on video

    One of Saya's favorite toys she loves chasing it as it rolls around. hehe
    photo DSC05644_zpsd72ca0fd.jpg

    Saya helping answering questions.
    photo DSC05650_zps26fce423.jpg

    Spay incisions! D: She got shaved.. Luckily it was light shave so all her fur grew back on her belly.
    photo DSC05732_zpsb000d869.jpg

    Saya got a free dog toy from the vet.
    photo DSC05721_zpsed7efc64.jpg

    Sleepy from the surgery. She slept a bit, but after a day or two she wanted to play. I kept her calm with plenty of good chews.
    photo DSC05737_zps607f52ec.jpg

    photo DSC05750_zps758c4ff4.jpg

    We invited cousins over for candy. The dogs are now tired from all the socialization time.
    photo DSC05784_zpse9789221.jpg

    This is her first time eating raw egg. before from 8 weeks to now I'd just give her canned sardines, salmon, or cooked egg that I shared between her and Bella once or twice a week. after this she got raw eggs as snacks and she really loved it she left the shell of coarse.
    photo DSC05849_zps1918bb9a.jpg

    She loves to dig in the dirt or on dirty clothes.
    photo DSC05851_zpse3520bba.jpg

    photo DSC05857_zpsb8637bd4.jpg

    Saya's first time on snow.
    photo DSC05958_zps12fe21bb.jpg

    photo DSC05962_zps37095a6e.jpg

    photo DSC05966_zps01fa3ead.jpg

    photo DSC05969_zps81a40656.jpg
    She thinks digging in snow is fun you find leaves by doing so. :)
    photo DSC05976_zps88ddf2de.jpg

    Treats for recalling gimme yummy treat!
    photo DSC05987_zps30118259.jpg

    Snow didn't stay for too long still had nice walk in field.
    photo DSC06198_zpsa8ccf3e6.jpg

    photo DSC06200_zpsffdfa6d9.jpg

    leaves all over and animal scents too.
    photo DSC06205_zpse38294c4.jpg

    Buddy walking besides me. :)
    photo DSC06209_zpsa8cbe878.jpg
    Saya's favorite game chase.
    photo DSC06219_zpsc585c127.jpg

    photo DSC06220_zps4cef609f.jpg

    photo DSC06222_zps3a52ba9b.jpg

    photo DSC06223_zpsd265848c.jpg

    photo DSC06225_zpsf261b445.jpg

    Practicing some come on command.
    photo DSC06231_zpsf28e8af6.jpg

    Reward was a yummy treat and some play time with the ball.
    photo DSC06233_zpsfae74bf7.jpg
    photo DSC06234_zps8acea5cc.jpg

    photo DSC06236_zpsff1c5585.jpg

    photo DSC06243_zpsa5e42361.jpg

    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    Oh, PUPPY SAYA WAS TO DIE FOR!!! :D And she's so pretty now. Love the photo thread. LOVE saya :)
    Michelle, with Kai girls Kona and Kimber
  • Awww!! I love the pics :) She's such a cutie
    photo Kiyoshi-SteveNakatani-2014-1165gnew_zps67b88604.jpg
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    Oh my, a lot of these I hadn't seen before! It was like going back in time with baby Saya! :D
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    Aww, baby Saya! So cute!
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    photo DSC06250_zps9ad5d91c.jpg

    photo DSC06253_zps47909373.jpg

    couple of fun play video

    photo DSC06279_zps8d0d44a8.jpg

    Posing on a big snow ball I made she needed some help getting up it.
    photo 1_zpsfdae5c4f.jpg

    saya watching puppy bowl.
    photo DSC06675_zpsa4d9c9fa.jpg

    saya napping
    photo DSC06697_zps06a87a06.jpg

    At my cousin's lake house greeting her buddy.
    photo DSC06926_zps13f05978.jpg

    photo DSC06931_zpse0903ed0.jpg
    Looking for catfish
    photo DSC06943_zpse2be19e8.jpg
    watching geese swim by
    photo DSC06944_zps38aa7c1b.jpg

    Saya at a dog walk at the park forgot how old she was in these pics. still young pup. She is checking her bag for treats and toys.. The walk is to raise money for a charity it's pretty nice usually a decent bit of vendors one or two rescues. usually get a few nice toys and treats. at end of the walk they do a trick competition and giveaway thing for items like bag of kibble, dog bed and toys, free grooming etc.
    photo DSC04786_zps63ae191f.jpg

    photo DSC04794_zpsef8740cb.jpg

    photo DSC04809_zps701c4bb7.jpg
    Saya watching the border collies do tons of tricks.
    photo DSC04822_zps504e10dc.jpg

    Saya met her first shiba inu here. :) Her name is Rukia.
    photo DSC04828_zpsa3b70e54.jpg
    Saya loved hanging with Rukia they kinda just stood around enjoying the day.
    photo DSC04830_zpsddfa9b58.jpg
    Saya at puppy class first time doing puppy class with a dog and it was fun. Saya got to meet a shi tzu or maltese type dog I forgot, boxer mix type dog, golden retriever poodle mix, and doberman. She really loved the doberman and the small maltese dog was a bit afraid of the bigger does, but did well with Saya since she was more her size it was cute to see Saya bring the dog out of her shell and they played chase and stuff.
    photo DSC04868_zps7a226154.jpg

    photo DSC04959_zpsddf6f1e4.jpg
    The doberman was really nice Saya got along with him right away he'd sometimes lower himself since he was much bigger than Saya.
    photo DSC04962_zpsbc8b4e8e.jpg

    photo DSC04963_zpsfca88acb.jpg

    photo DSC04972_zps1c3a7449.jpg

    Saya loved the agility stuff her favorite was the jump, dog walk and teeter.
    photo DSC04978_zpsd31f4a48.jpg

    Previous client came by with her well socialized dog. Saya was the first puppy to go meet him.
    photo DSC05004_zps72ebec25.jpg

    photo DSC05053_zps0e2fccaf.jpg

    Saya liked the golden mix too, but wasn't so fond of his humping.. She corrected him twice and after that he got the idea.. hump Saya and you get a snarky Saya..
    photo DSC05065_zps814cc5cc.jpg

    Silly picture of Saya
    photo DSC05069_zpsd74da3c1.jpg

    photo DSC05075_zps4cf5065d.jpg

    At puppy class we worked on wheelchair some. I do think it helped some as the trainer is dog experienced and was able to show the wheelchair isn't some scary thing.. Saya has met a teen who was paralyzed to an extent and she went up to meet her and she was able to pet tiny Saya. She also meet babies in strollers which are similar to wheel chairs. My grandpa eventually got wheelchair bound and she did fine with Grandpa in it. She met him when he could still walk so she knew he was a friendly guy.
    photo DSC05079_zpsc7f0ebf3.jpg

    Saya hanging in the snow she had fun chasing us as we sled down the hill.
    photo DSC06565_zpsb0b8d73c.jpg

    Saya trying to dance. hehe
    photo DSC06566_zpsaf2a59bb.jpg

    Bath time! :0
    photo DSC06575_zps8f8c0487.jpg

    photo DSC06580_zpsc0ecac2f.jpg
    Nice and clean now to dry.
    photo DSC06586_zpscf396133.jpg

    Saya wearing Junpei Iori hat.. He's a character from the game persona 3 got it as pre order bonus..
    photo 3_zpsed26c210.jpg

    Another trip at the lake house this time Saya tries the water..
    photo DSC07638_zpsdc6c9249.jpg
    photo DSC07641_zps9d6a4a43.jpg
    All prepped and ready to swim! :D
    photo DSC07643_zpsd5c22a09.jpg
    Saya did good for first time swimming. Lifejacket did good job helping her. She didn't scream or whine. She swam around a bit and then found the land so she headed back to shore.
    photo a_zpscd14968a.jpg
    She got a boat ride as reward for swimming.
    photo DSC07658_zpse86cdbce.jpg
    Been on the boat since she was a tiny pup so she is used to the boat noises and stuff. She rested up she was wore out from swimming.
    photo DSC07662_zps59fe6331.jpg
    Saya loves watching certain shows. She watched it for good bit she really got into it at the end of it.
    photo DSC05920_zpse4a0d589.jpg

    photo DSC05922_zpsdd9c78f5.jpg

    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    Saya on her woodland adventures. So nice to have woods DSC09561_zps89dadaa7.jpg

    photo DSC09568_zps36e8de8f.jpg
    Big tree
    photo DSC09573_zpsb1df9701.jpg
    semi frozen pond
    photo DSC09574_zpsbe9d37c7.jpg
    photo DSC09644_zps89e471d9.jpg

    Saya's second raw meal a chicken thigh. :) She started on chicken thighs, drumsticks, breasts, then slowly worked up to pork..
    photo DSC06787_zpsbe16c262.jpg
    This was my first hare today order. I got beef lung, beef gullet, beef pancreast, small thing of beef green tripe, thing of ground mutten, bone, and organ mix, thing of ground goat, bone, organ and tripe, thing of duck with bone and organ, and thing of whole quail.
    photo DSC_0157_zpsea2fb647.jpg
    Saya had to investigate her haul.. she was year or so when I gotten this.
    photo DSC_0179_zps247d55a6.jpg

    Saya eating one of her quails this was her third time having one. she likes them. at first she was unsure like wtf is this.. I had to cut a bit open so meat was showing then she ate half and left it for next day after that she ate it all no issues. I need to order some more soon. as you can see she gotten done shedding her winter coat so she looks bit thin currently, but she grew her summer coat eventually.
    photo DSC_0186_zps4f4f8d56.jpg

    Stuff I get from farmer's market one beef heart, three lamb hearts, two things of beef kidney, beef tongue and thing of lamb liver and thing of beef liver
    photo DSC_0844_zps54f4e045.jpg
    Another haul of heart, kidneys, and tongue
    photo DSC_0001_zpsb6023c62.jpg
    Had plenty of organs so got a pack of ground ewe for Saya to try and butcher had chicken heats! I bought all the bags. haha decent price too made yummy snacks and good training treats to dehydrate.
    photo DSC_0007_zps1be876dc.jpg

    Lamb ribs
    photo 006_zpsfcce6660.jpg
    Yummy whole saury. :)
    photo 002_zps7841c159.jpg
    Goofing off.. We are at the covered bridge festival lots of people there! She loved it did well in the crowd and walked and had fun exploring. I carried her when it was too big of a crowd..
    photo DSC_0002_zps4cd0f8a1.jpg
    Me and my buddy
    photo DSC_0005_zpsb86c68bc.jpg
    Walking on the covered bridge!
    photo DSC_0015_zpsea6618eb.jpg

    I got a dog water bottle type thing, shiba magnet and fleece blanket.
    photo DSC_0016_zps6d8b3e63.jpg

    photo DSC_0023_zpsb8680e48.jpg

    Dogs enjoying a halloween treat.. I put caned sardines, chicken foot, chicken liver, gizzards.. dogs god that as their dinner..
    photo DSC_0648_zps8da6aaae.jpg

    I put some veggies on Bella's pumpkin she didn't eat it.. she did eat some of the pumpkin yummy..
    photo DSC_0653_zps52759a8d.jpg
    Sneaky opossum got into the garage and went in lay in the bag.. D:
    photo DSC_0680_zps57b5116e.jpg

    Saya was one who found it she kept sniffing on the closed storage closet in garage.. Sure enough this guy or gal was here. We had cats so we put up the food and it got the hint and left. After that we made sure to shut the garage door before night came. luckily we don't have cats anymore.
    photo DSC_0682_zpsdccb8e46.jpg
    Saya found a new hiding spot..
    photo DSC_0687_zpsc85ec6ca.jpg
    photo DSC_0690_zps8f4b8a11.jpg
    photo DSC_0692_zps8deeaa6e.jpg
    Snow fun. :)
    photo 080_zps5cdf8ded.jpg

    photo 079_zps24a0da8a.jpg

    photo 062_zpse10bbe36.jpg
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • I LOVE all your pictures!! :D Makes me happy

    You feed her the whole Quail feathers and all? Did she have any problems with it?
    photo Kiyoshi-SteveNakatani-2014-1165gnew_zps67b88604.jpg
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    Yeah whole quail she had no issue with the feathers only feathers she wouldn't eat are the long winged ones.. I kept those to put in a bag to have quail scent on her retrieving dummy.

    First two times eating it took a bit for her to eat, but by third quail she did fine and ate it no issue.

    hare-today is where I get it from shipping is pricey, but since I got a chest freezer ordering a lot helps with it. I try order in winter when it is cold so I get the $20shipping.. I did that last time things arrived frozen still.

    I plan to buy bunch of whole quail, sardines, and herring soon. I can get stuff like lung, pancreas, and gullet from Indiana supplier.

    I get a lot stuff from local butcher, grocery store, asian market, farmer's market and this meat processing place that sells cheese, meat, summer sausage and frozen fruit.. They have decent deals on their heart, tongue, and thymus.

    Pic of her meal on Monday. She had egg in am and this for pm meal. Next day she got lamb kidney and beef tongue piece.
    photo DSC_0001_zps934b1af0.jpg
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    saya had a nice adventure in Louisiana. she came down when we went down for my brother's graduation.. She liked it sadly Bella and Dink got boarded being two big dogs would be a bit much for a trailer..
    Our view a pond and crawfish pond behind the pond.
    photo DSC_0437_zpsb45cb697.jpg

    photo DSC_0442_zpsb0bb4217.jpg
    Saya had fun she was hot at times, but she took early walk in am and pm and chilled in between..
    photo DSC_0469_zps42dab0a7.jpg

    Saya checking the crawfish for the boil..
    photo DSC_0481_zps12fa4a9e.jpg

    Two big ones!
    photo DSC_0494_zpscb91e6a4.jpg

    My aunt fooling around with a crawfish.
    photo DSC_0497_zps9a6088d0.jpg

    Saya lost her winter coat..
    photo DSC_0018_zps6c3acc1a.jpg

    photo DSC_0036_zpsf704227b.jpg

    sunning in the yard enjoying the nice warm day..
    photo DSC_0074_zps81c569a6.jpg
    Saya with our cat he's passed away with health issues. she loves cats
    photo DSC_0021_zps3d4f762b.jpg

    photo DSC_0040_zps7239775c.jpg

    photo DSC_0037_zps5fa9c5cb.jpg

    Gave her an whole egg to see what she would do
    photo DSC_0125_zps8d0965f9.jpg
    I was hoping she would use her mouth to break it, but she used her paw..
    photo DSC_0136_zps2d783c48.jpg
    She ate the egg and had dirty paw kept it in the air for a bit.. I washed it was wet towel since she got egg on it.
    photo DSC_0140_zps8fc945df.jpg

    Saya found a mouse nest in the wood pile, but the mouse got away
    photo DSC_0071_zps81ae0150.jpg

    photo DSC_0075_zpsb69eb0ab.jpg
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    I love Saya. She's got such a cute face. :)
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    Thanks. :) Saya is pretty photogenic.

    Today we went sledding, but didn't get pictures as I was sledding too. Saya had fun chasing me down the hill she'd try to catch me and play. haha
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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    Saya posing in the snow naked. Nice to get some pics without collars DSC_0223_zps1ac2a013.jpg

    photo DSC_0230_zps56bf5416.jpg
    I made a little dog igloo by digging a hole in the pile of snow I shoveled from drive way. Saya only wanted to stay in for pics she is too busy exploring to lay down in a igloo. hehe
    photo DSC_0189_zps5b9e3411.jpg

    Saya is a good climber if the tree is fallen or flat on ground she wants to get on it. This one is pretty high up! She climbed herself I just held leash and followed under in case she lost grip.
    photo DSC_0244_zps48e5aa60.jpg
    Sun setting down made the pic look so neat
    photo DSC_0298_zps2541d6fb.jpg
    The wild cat creek! :D Saya loves hanging here on our walks chasing leaves floating in the water and sniffing. Amazing how warm she stays and even goes in the water! crazy girl. I always have small towel with me on these walks just in case she needs drying off, but she only goes in where she can walk and her fur repels water pretty good.
    photo DSC_0415_zpsb5e9ae58.jpg

    Tree stump caught her attention for some reason. She smelled it and digged at it she didn't find anything, but had fun getting dirty. :)
    photo DSC_0006_zps20bc890a.jpg

    photo DSC_0009_zps70cbe540.jpg

    photo DSC_0031_zpse9886974.jpg

    Saya looks so cute coming on command. :)
    photo a_zps5bc8a9d2.jpg

    photo a_zps29873336.jpg

    Saya knows the kiss command.. I put her at the mirror to see if she would kiss her reflection. haha She did it no problem.
    photo DSC_0127_zpsc9d0de26.jpg
    give me a treat now.
    photo DSC_0128_zps0e4d0b33.jpg

    saya in our woods looking back.. I have good bit of land and some of it is woods so we can enjoy field walks and woods walks. up and down hills..
    photo DSC_0123_zpsb3ee3433.jpg
    It's winter so no green foliage. During spring and summer the woods is thick with green from all the plants.
    photo DSC_0147_zpscdb9edac.jpg
    Saya coming when called. We are heading down to the lower part of the woods.
    photo DSC_0153_zps998b271b.jpg

    Saya off sniffing that tree there is always some interesting scent there.
    photo DSC_0156_zpse45d4b9b.jpg

    Some type of small animal den.
    photo DSC_0157_zps2b001d3e.jpg

    Saya off sniffing still
    photo DSC_0164_zps22e0e33f.jpg
    I was heading on so called her so she came after doing a shiba shake.
    photo DSC_0169_zps49cd9f4c.jpg

    Exploring the ravine or whatever it is called.. Yes there is tires there.
    photo DSC_0174_zps428e7d1c.jpg

    Saya loves exploring this area.
    photo DSC_0176_zps55d1f29a.jpg
    Tires! D: We didn't dump them my guess my neighbor's or people who owned this house before us. I got rid of them properly. Took a lot of work as it was bit heavy so had do one tire at a time.
    photo DSC_0182_zpsc07a57aa.jpg
    Saya going up there it leads to the second field where we mainly walk on the field trails she climbs up the hill like it is nothing.
    photo DSC_0185_zps205c22ce.jpg
    She also comes down like it is nothing too.
    photo DSC_0187_zpsb649177a.jpg
    would been nice action shot if it hadn't blurred. :\ ah well nice pic anyways.
    photo DSC_0188_zpsb2573b78.jpg

    Frozen pipe.. It's run off from our pond whenever the pond gets high it empties here and the water eventually goes to the wild cat creek.
    photo DSC_0194_zps98226ecc.jpg

    Saya is a good fetcher.. she will fetch my cellphone, toilet, small bucket, money, mail squirrel pelt, retrieving dummy and so on. She loves it.

    Here's she is fetching a bag of coffee beans.
    photo DSC_0112_zps142c6147.jpg

    photo DSC_0115_zpsc3f57a2b.jpg

    saya is good at finding mice. I set traps out which catches a decent bit, but sometimes Saya likes to help. She did found one and got it. I put it in trash.
    photo DSC_0119_zps8cb0a513.jpg

    photo DSC_0125_zps3db9dafe.jpg

    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • ShikokuShikoku
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    @Saya - What size does she wear for the backpack? She looks about Hades size- how much does she weigh? Just tryoing to get an estimate before I spend money :)

    Location:MD/VA/DC. Pets: Athena- Shikoku and Hades- Shiba Inu
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 3016
    Saya's weight is 21lbs or so been while since last weighed her.

    She doesn't wear backpack she has spinal issue. Harness tend to bug her and not in a shiba dramaqueen type of way.

    Is there anywhere local that has the backpacks?

    No where near me sells them except for some stores that are 2hours away, but since back packs wouldn't be good for her I don't go there to try them on. I might get a backpack for Bella my parent's boxer eventually she is strong dog and would be nice for her to carry few things when we do camping or something.

    I sometimes go there once in while in spring and fall sometimes summer if it is decent. I go on walking trail then go to restaurant that allows dogs on outside then head to dog store for treats.. Next time I got I'll try one on her to see which size works for her, but won't be for while since it is winter.

    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 3016
    Winter from this year. :)
    photo DSC_0042_zps4ca66162.jpg
    Saya got a new Bell. :D It's a snow bell supposed to keep the bell ringing and not get clogged up by snow. So far it has worked in the deeper parts when it snowed and she ran in some drifted snow. She is so petite even normal snow she gets her other bells clogged. I like the ring and hear it pretty good when she is in the woods and I'm in yard.
    photo a_zps33cfc463.jpg

    photo DSC_0054_zps79c691a4.jpg

    photo DSC_0073_zps1483b1c0.jpg

    photo DSC_0080_zps8589bbb9.jpg

    Walking in the field it started to snow some..
    photo DSC_0091_zpsdedbd024.jpg
    Field and woods are so beautiful full of snow.
    photo DSC_0102_zps4b57a942.jpg

    photo DSC_0130_zps35ed83fd.jpg
    Coyote track I'm thinking. It was snowing some so the paw print was covered, but tracks still showing. maybe fox? I'm guessing coyote as there is coyote poop close by. full of rabbit fur..
    photo DSC_0145_zps8579281b.jpg

    Silly Bella wearing her pink dog coat. She loves the winter, but when it is 35F or so she needs coat on walks.
    photo DSC_0156_zpsc9cd27e5.jpg
    Snow weighing the plants down.
    photo DSC_0211_zps9db06ca7.jpg

    Neighor close to the second field has two goats and a pony
    photo DSC_0226_zps3ab83cf6.jpg
    Saya watching the goats they used to get super excited so had be on leash, but now they learned they can't go over and meet them so they can be off leash. Saya loves horses she meet my closer neighbor's four horses and loved them.
    photo DSC_0256_zpsac1653e6.jpg

    photo DSC_0257_zps4e2de086.jpg

    Trying some snow
    photo DSC_0283_zps410bf212.jpg

    photo DSC_0287_zpsbde5b60e.jpg

    photo DSC_0288_zps9510050b.jpg

    photo DSC_0297_zpsea6558df.jpg
    Done with walk she decided to lay in driveway while I shoveled the snow.
    photo DSC_0335_zpsb68de841.jpg

    photo DSC_0341_zps91b5e86e.jpg

    This was last year pics from summer.
    photo DSC_0400_zps43702250.jpg

    Saya on our canoe with my mom.
    photo DSC_0420_zpsa244bd1e.jpg

    Saya loves to yodel
    photo DSC_0026_zps9ea39e22.jpg

    photo DSC_0221_zps20c33a93.jpg
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    Oh wow, you got some really nice shots of Saya in there! She's such a good adventure shiba!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 3016
    Also on 14th we'll be going down to Lousiana for Amelia's first Birthday! Actually her birthday was few days ago, but her dad was out of town, but he was able to get off early and surprise them so he was there for it.

    Amelia visited us for Christmas and to meet Grandpa.

    Due to snow they stayed bit more and we got to have new years with her.

    Saya and Bella loved her both had be on leash for a good bit.
    photo DSC_0003_zpsfdefaca2.jpg

    photo DSC_0005_zps43f80d4d.jpg

    photo DSC_0009_zpsa2e2471f.jpg

    Saya is bit more calmer then Bella and she is good excited for while, but calms down quicker. Bella calmed down over time enough she could be off the leash.
    photo DSC_0247_zps2a436691.jpg

    She has grown a lot since we saw her. She seemed to love the dogs especially Saya she would touch her fur and at one point got obsessed with trying to hold Saya's dog tags. I just removed the collar to keep her from pulling and stuff.

    Both Bella and Saya will be coming which will be interesting. Saya been to Louisiana before when we went down for brother's graduation, but this will be Bella's first time. Bella has gone to Madison WI for few days for shiba picnic event, but this will be first 16 hour car drive..

    We got plenty of poop bags in case their crates, toys, and food set up.

    I gotten pre made raw since it'll be easier to feed.

    I'm hoping to pick up some nutria dog biscuits and jerky one store near the area list as a retailer so I'll probably buy all their stuff of it. haha
    Here's site for people that are interested.

    I once saw someone who fed nutria raw and ground for dogs it was different people and on FB, but I somehow misplaced the info. :\

    Ah well. the nutria biscuits and jerky will be nice treat.

    I'm excited and hoping it will go well.
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • CrispyCrispy
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    Aww, Saya's cute as ever! I love her face. :)
    Akiyama no Roushya || 秋山の狼室 ||
  • SayaSaya
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    Going to Louisiana Today once mom gets off work.. Dad finally said we will leave when we leave.. he's type of guy who has to rush and get going. he wants to go he wants to go to a point it is annoying and stressful. :\

    I'm glad he calmed down. This weeks been rainy which sucks was hoping to gotten good long walk in Yesterday and today.. it looks like it might hold some so I'll try get a walk in. I think Bella senses something is up as she is extra clingy and worried.

    Saya she doesn't seem to mind business as usual.

    Bella being silly and playing with Saya
    photo DSC_0025_zps273760fd.jpg

    photo DSC_0027_zps00789934.jpg

    photo DSC_0032_zps8717f398.jpg

    photo DSC_0007_zps6b715191.jpg

    This is my fav pic of Saya digging by this stump. Nothing was there, but she had fun digging.
    photo DSC_0039_zps3b826977.jpg

    yoga shiba.
    photo DSC_0201_zps1b648ab1.jpg

    Various pics form last summer.
    A box turtle came by..
    photo DSC_0210_zps08e778eb.jpg

    photo DSC_0215_zps7a5d7752.jpg

    photo DSC_0252_zps2207547d.jpg

    Bella and saya hangs under these trees when it's hot out good source of shade.
    photo DSC_0200_zps975e1103.jpg

    The dog meets the bear!
    photo DSC_0216_zpsab5947c8.jpg

    photo DSC_0220_zps519598cf.jpg

    photo DSC_0227_zps612b6bbc.jpg

    photo DSC_0247_zps986f5878.jpg

    photo DSC_0249_zps5c58e11e.jpg

    I hope our trip goes well. I got everything packed. Saya food, Bella food, treats, bully sticks, portable water container, poop bags, extra leashes, vet info, and tons more.

    Thanks @Crispy for the comment she has a nice face. :) She looks cute when greeting people.

    I'm staying at brothers place the complex or whatever is going to have a crawfish boil so that is awesome! All I want to do is relax, walk have at least one po boy, daiquiri and buy dogs nutria treats.. Plus the birthday party.
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
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  • SayaSaya
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    I had a good time in Louisiana. :) Didn't get any nutria dog treats store that is a carrier of it said they were out. Luckily the site sells them online so I'll just order it.

    Saya had fun and was calm, cool and collected as always she acted like she always lived in my brother's apartment and settled in well. Bella was bit anxious took her couple days to get used to it. She is used to going in hotels, but this was bit different for her.
    photo DSC_0001_zpse3c2b66f.jpg
    At my older brother's place visiting him and his daughter. Bella and Saya had fun walking around the area and watching Amelia play.
    photo DSC_0010_zpsbebb3afc.jpg

    photo DSC_0020_zpse14f9026.jpg

    Saya meeting her buddy Tank he's getting up there in age and his owner is retiring him from hunting ducks he's getting more old and slowing down some. He did well last season, but it's showing. He's still active dog though runs around pretty fast for his age. I forgot how old he is I think 10..
    photo DSC_0024_zpsa4a6915f.jpg
    Saya spotted a green anole in the grass If I let her she probably would have tried to pounced on it, but then she'd be in the pond. hehe
    photo DSC_0026_zpse42a795c.jpg
    Saya resting a bit and admiring the crawfish pond. Yummy little guys.
    photo DSC_0030_zpsb1e37a9f.jpg
    crawfish holes
    photo DSC_0038_zpse59bd0f8.jpg

    photo DSC_0070_zpsfdeb287f.jpg
    Saya's favorite spot she loves sitting on it.
    photo DSC_0071_zpsbb1442f2.jpg
    Saya and Bella following her on her car.
    photo DSC_0086_zpsfee2290a.jpg

    photo DSC_0088_zpsaf18afda.jpg

    She found Bella amusing for some reason.
    photo a_zpsafc60efb.jpg
    Saya spots a green anole again.
    photo DSC_0157_zpsa52d326a.jpg
    Second day visiting Amelia Saya resting we had a nice walk before coming.
    photo DSC_0183_zps301daaa1.jpg
    Bella waiting for the toddler to come out to play she went inside for a little lunch.
    photo DSC_0184_zpsbc640f02.jpg
    She's like I know I shouldn't be pulling on this, but It is so much fun. lol I love how she laughs it's so funny.
    photo DSC_0186_zps66bb7184.jpg

    photo DSC_0195_zps07a62cd4.jpg

    Saya spots a black kitty
    photo DSC_0215_zpsce9e0f04.jpg
    Both are looking at it. Saya stayed no chasing kitties today. :) The cat got pretty close it went into the trap to sniff the bait that the uncle set out to get the armadillo. luckily the cat backed out and didn't set it off.
    photo DSC_0219_zps5c5fad29.jpg
    Cat walked off so it is back to resting.
    photo DSC_0221_zps632787c1.jpg
    While at Amelia's birthday party I had to get couple pics of her grandpa's hunting lab she's a beautiful and friendly lab has a nice sized fenced yard.
    photo DSC_0242_zps0c4106b9.jpg

    photo DSC_0243_zps9c9440f8.jpg

    Swallow at the apartment. :)
    photo a_zpse40fe922.jpg

    photo DSC_0383_zps48d1c184.jpg

    We gotten Beignet at a restaurant called T coons they were so good I almost forgot to get picture! I think they were much better then the cafe du monde kind.
    photo DSC_0491_zps4ce1db83.jpg

    We had a lot of fun. Saya behaved great as always coarse she always does she was socialized a lot from early age so she loves going places.

    I bought five bags of coffee from Community coffee place some of the coffee isn't sold on their site so I'm glad I got those. I love that coffee a lot doesn't upset my stomach like a lot other kinds I have tried..

    Saya's next trip will be in Madison WI for the shiba picnic. leaving on Thursday so we can have Friday as a day to do some extra stuff. walk around, go to stores whatever. Saturday we plan to check out the farmer's market really quickly and then go to the meet up. I love the farmers market there it's so big!
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • WhoBitMeWhoBitMe
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    I'm you, Bella, and Saya had such a great trip! Looks like a lot of fun.
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