6 Month Foster Needed--East Coast--Lab Mix
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    Hey Guys,

    I apologize about posting this here but one of my friends has hit a very rough spot and he and his sister lost their home. They had two cats and a dog, one of the cats they adopted out, the other, the shelter they gave it to put it down (no no-kills would take it, they're all full) but the dog is his sister's and pretty much all she as left. She wants to keep her older lab mix but is going to Radford and as a freshman has to live on campus. She plans, once the spring semester is up, to get an apartment and bring her dog down with her.

    They heard what I did with Nikki and I asked if I could take her but I am full and can't. Right now it looks like they are going to kennel the dog for ~6 months if they can't find a foster. Would anyone be interested in fostering an older, low energy, lab mix that is good with cats and people, not sure about dogs. They would pay for all of the dog's expenses plus alittle extra as a thank you for taking the dog in the mean time.

    PM if you know anyone who could. I think they would prefer a foster in the MD/VA/NC area but I know their preference is not to kennel if they don't have to.

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