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    Someone I know is looking for a reputable Shiba breeder within driving distance from Huntsville, AL. Right now, the only reputable breeders that I've found nearby are Kobushi Shibas (TN) and Marma Farms (AL). If anyone has any experience or knowledge with either, please share. Kobushi came highly recommended by an Akita breeder.

    The only kennel that I have had any person to person experience with is Royal Kennel (OH). I met the breeder and their Shibas at a dog show in Franklin, TN. I thought this might be an option if the future Shiba mom was willing to ship.

    I did mention that vetted rescues were another option, but the mom is a little hesitant because of her young children.

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  • Kobushi were at the NIPPO show. She seemed very nice. Her dogs were very people oriented, don't seem to be dog reactive. extremely people oriented actually. She brought one of her pups so between that and the temperament I saw, I'm guessing socialization is important to her.

    Other folks who attended NIPPO may have spoken to her as well.
  • @violet_in_seville Do you happen to have a picture of the breeder? I met and remember lots of people, but not their names/kennels. I could have more feedback if I had a visual.
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  • I know Kobushi pretty well. Her dogs are very nice. I have not heard of or had any experience with Marma. I know tri-state shiba rescue has pulled alot of breeder surrenders frm AL in the past, but not sure who the breeder was. If rescue is an option, talk to tri-state shiba rescue (tri-state rescues are housed at Royal Kennels) they can help match them up with a dog that is right for their family. I know Royal kennels will be traveling to some dog shows in TN the end of october, so they might be able to meet up with them at a dog show and save some of the travel.
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    Katrina (Kobushi) has my highest recommendation.
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    @sjp051993 I know there are at least a couple of Shiba bybs in Alabama. Honestly, all you need is one to wreak havoc in a state as far as rescues go. I will definitely point her to the Tri-state rescue at Royal Kennels in case she is open for a vetted rescue.

    Thank you everyone for all the helpful info and suggestions. I think I will recommend this forum to her as well!
  • You should also check the Shiba forum for more info. and recommend the Shiba forum, which is more shiba-specific. Have them join and read the threads on what a puppy mill is, and how to spot one, because way too many Shibas come from mills, and it is easy for someone inexperienced to be duped by one. So it would be good if your friend could educate themselves beforehand, so they have a better idea how to avoid that!
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    @shibamistress, I will definitely point her to the Shiba forum too. The woman knows about the importance of avoiding puppy mills, that's why she prefers to visit the breeder in person.
  • aww! Gee guys! Thank you for the recommendations and nice comments on my dogs. I'm blushing from head to toe! :\">

    As for available puppies, I see this post is from Sept 2013-ish, and wanted to say, I really haven't had any pets available in a while. I always seem to have people waiting but my girls have been very stingy lately. I have some plans this Summer but already have a few waiting. Although, I've found my waiting list to be very fluid, probably due to the lack of availability on my part. No matter what I strongly recommend being as flexible as possible with regards to color and sex. Creams do happen in my breedings and are always placed as pets. If anyone has any specific questions regarding breeders in my general area, please feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to help.
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    @KobushiShiba Will you be going to any shows this year?
  • @BearMom, My next show is Crown Point, IN and probably a few over the Summer. Will likely attend the Nippo Classic in Chicago in September, just depends on when my breeding plans come around.
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    Do you ever do the Country Music Cluster?
  • Usually, but this year I went to BSA instead. It's the same weekend.
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    Darn, maybe next year!
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    I'm imagining another cream in my life, so much cuteness in one household! Ahhh...I'll have to check out Kobushi if I ever do it.
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