FOSTER NEEDED for 8 month old male Poongsan and 4 year old male Jindo (Los Angeles, CA)
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    This pair of boys, Rocky and Simba, (currently at Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles, CA), desperately need a foster home.
    You can read their story in the album notes below, but also, please do contact us for more information at:

    We can rescue the dogs by the end of this week, (by Friday/Saturday August 30th/31st), and they will go to a trainer for a week, but after that time, we absolutely, desperately need a foster home for them - preferably in the Los Angeles or SoCal area.

    WE'RE BEGGING! These boys truly deserve a chance - the authorities said they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and EVERYONE that has met them wants to see them get to safety!