Pets on Trains Act 2013
  • As someone who treks across country for dog shows with more frequency than I initially expected, its been aggravating that Amtrak doesn't allow animals on trains. This bill, if it passes, will be a step in the right direction:

    I am disappointed in the 750 mile limit, but once enacted, I think it will be a short time until that gets eased up or some kind of option to give pets a rest break will be added for longer journeys.
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  • ceziegcezieg
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    WOW about time! I was looking into ways to get to my friend's wedding this month (which I won't be able to unfortunately) and was looking into Amtrak... no pets allowed... wth? There's hardly anyone riding on the Amtrak as it is! They're just throwing away money by not allowing at least crated pets.
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    Ok, so I felt stupid... I didn't even know trains still carried people! Now I want to take a train trip, but I'll have to wait until they accept pets or try to smuggle 3 dogs and a cat on board!
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    I didn't realize our local train system wasn't Amtrak (from Providence to Boston). Now I see it is not - they allow pets on the train here... so now it blows my mind that this is even a thing. Damnit, Amtrak.
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    I hope it passes. Other countries allow dogs. I remember a shiba owner who used to go here her blog had post about the dog riding on train it was neat.

    I mean if dog is well behaved and under control shouldn't be an issue.
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    But we also have to remember that this is America... The land of "I didn't see it poop on the floor, so it never happened" and also the land of "I have a lab. We don't need to worry about training".
    That's probably a good bit of the driving force behind the ban on pets on a train... Some folks just have to ruin it for the rest of us.
  • The actual reason is because some laws passed in the 70s to protect pets while on trains. Prior to that they were allowed, and owners would take them out when the train was stopped at a station for a long period of time. Areas for pets needed to be kept clean and have environmental controls and good airflow and water, which wasnt always the case on train cars back then. The lack of care the animals received in transit was a huge concern. Thus, the new regulations. However, at the time it would have cost millions of dollars to build new cars or retrofit existing ones to fit the new regulations, so Amtrak decided to be cheap and just ban pets entirely.

    Personally, I think they should have just spread out the cost over time and designed all future cars/trains with it in mind. Surely we've replaced most of the trains that were in operation back then by now anyway.
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