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    I finally put something together, but I'm looking for some advice on how to change it. I listed some of the rescues we spoke about in regional groups in the extended "about" section and some breed clubs. If I should add more, please let me know and I'll plop those in there.

    Other than that, I figure we can keep the table I made for us on the forum to reference if there's ever a need for it. Once I've updated that with all the new information, I'll post it again in the updated NK Rscue thread.

    I've already shared information on Sato and Shogun, the two Shikoku up for re-homing.
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  • Tri-State Shiba Rescue: website:

    Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue (MSIR) : website-

    Here is the National Shiba Rescue link that shows all the regional and independent shiba rescues.

    You might want to compare what you've listed with this consolidated list.
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    If you can look on Corina's FB page, she's also made a callout for a co-ownership home for Sakura in the Southern California area.

    Jesse Pelayo

  • I tried the "Rescue" button on the Akita Club of America website. It wouldn't open.

    Here are two other Akita related rescues I pulled off the internet.

    Tikihut Akita Rescue in Northern CA/Bay Area

    Akita Rescue Society of America (ARSA) website:
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  • JACA has been using BEAR -Big East Akita Rescue. I love them. They know what an AA, JA is and even email me blends. They work with a group that uses truckers to move rescues around.
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    Thank you everyone! <3<br />
    I've also sent a message to Corina to see if she'd like me to make a post for Sakura.
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