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  • BearMomBearMom
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    I need a recommendation for a puppy play pen...wire versus hard plastic, brands etc. Sadly, I am not the one getting the akita pup (wah!). The play pen will be moved upstairs and downstairs, so easy assembly is needed. Or should we just get an actual human baby playpen, ha ha!

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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    If you are having to move one around a lot and up/down stairs, a plastic one would be easiest, but not as durable.
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  • PoetikDragonPoetikDragon
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    And here I was thinking wire was easier to move around than plastic.
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  • jellyfishjellyfish
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    I used to have an actual baby gate for humans. I used it to section off part of the house when Toki was a little puppy. If you go this route, make sure to get one with bars that run up and down so they puppy can't climb out and also make sure there are no spaces big enough that the puppy can get his or her head through.
  • timkimtimkim
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    plastic is pain. I have 1 and hard to break it down.

    get wire one.

    it's easier set up.
  • rikumomrikumom
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    We used wire ex-pens though Meichan was able to scale and climb over when she was little (<20#) we covered it with sheets. I was more worried she would fall and hurt herself when she dropped from 36" high<br />
    We also used wood tension mounted baby gates to separate our dogs when we aren't home. @JellyFish's suggestion is right on, make sure pup can't get head stuck
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  • BearMomBearMom
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    Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like transporting a playpen inside the house can be a pain.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    It is a pain! I have recently just been leaving one up in several rooms so I don't have to hoist the metal expens all over.

    I'm also using a metal enamel coated pen (that is trendmendously heavy) but has a built in walkthru gate and vertical bars. It's a great idea for climbers. I'm really glad I don't have multiple levels!

    I've seen some pretty lite weight plastic pens from PetEdge, and those work well for Shiba pups, but no idea how they would work for older Akita pups. My CO (and Kai pup back in the day) would walk the expens across the floor, but wouldn't touch the baby gates. Just depends on the dog.
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