cool dog crew (XOLOS)
  • thegelathegela
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    Really cool to see various xolo sizes, AND she's got a duck named George. Too awesome.

    I'm posting this because I remember there was a post I read about other breeds, and there were a number of you interested in Xolos. :]
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  • PoetikDragonPoetikDragon
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    Wow, what an eclectic mix of breeds.

    My mom has a duck named "Inu"... :D I found him dumped in a park, he was following people around like a lost puppy dog, and walked up to me and curled up in my lap with no fear whatsoever of Gojira. I know he had been hand raised -- this was just after Easter -- and was going to starve to death or get eaten by a coyote. So I called my Dad who I knew would say yes, and I named him "Inu" for acting like a dog before my parents could give him an even stupider name.
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    That's a cute video. I felt so bad for Dave, but then I read in the comments that he got his treat later.
  • NanookNanook
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    If u watch another one of her videos she has an elk named elvis to add to her crew lol
  • TrzcinaTrzcina
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    I'm impressed that they waited until called! Every group of dogs I've ever been around usually responds en masse to the first dog's name if they think there's food (or something else they want)... or else is just hailed as "Hey, dogs!" (Well, and I had a professor who has three or four standard poodles and calls them as "Poodles!").

    I'm glad Dave got his treat. I was feeling bad for Dave, too. And the duck... the duck is hilarious.

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