Anyone ever had a Greyhound with a Kai?
  • nrmorrisnrmorris
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    So this is a few years out, but Ginko is so great it has gotten me thinking about having a multi-dog household.

    Anyone know how Greyhounds interact with other dogs typically? Or how Ginko may do with one?
  • CaliaCalia
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    From what I've heard, some greyhounds can perceive smaller breeds as prey. Plus, greyhounds can have delicate skin (easy to rip), so it might not be safe for them to live with a dog who plays more than just running games. Personally, I would look for a cat/small dog safe ex-racer.
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I'm sure Ginko would do fine with a Greyhound, especially if you got one as a pup.
  • WrylyBrindleWrylyBrindle
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    It is not common to find greyhound puppies, but I think Ginko will do fine with a retired racer. Greyhounds are typically very good with other dogs, not quarrelsome. They are used to being with other dogs and good at group living. Small fluffy squeaky dogs could excite prey drive, but I dont think a kai. Greyhounds tend to have soft teeth- so no hard chewies and brushing might be a good idea. You may need to teach a greyhound about thinks like stairs, and house living. Even retired racers sometimes come off track at the age of 2 or 3. I suggest a brindle one :) I once met a beautiful smaller brindle greyhound from Ireland at a rescue- he had slightly longer fur and was super sweet and had a more natural face- not a clown nose. We were donating dog food and visited the greys, not time to add a dog then, but boy did I like him!
  • I've always kind of wanted a greyhound, but am unlikely to ever have one. I bet they'd get along fine--Kai aren't small enough to be taken as prey anyway, and both breeds tend to get along ok with other dogs.

    If you go through a rescue, they'll really work to make sure you get the right dog for your situation, too. The retired racers can have problems, from health problems to just being overwhelmed once their life is not just a crate and the track, but a good rescue will be upfront with you and will also help you work through those things.
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  • curlytailscurlytails
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    And there do seem to be quite a few good greyhound rescues, from what I've seen. I looove greyhounds and hope to adopt one someday. But I would want to have more of a savings cushion because the ones I've met did indeed tend to have periodic health issues, including broken teeth, required yearly dentals, random skin tears in sensitive areas...
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I've never met an aggressive greyhound, in all the years the rescues in our area brought them to the clinic I worked at for care. I was lucky to meet some puppies also, who were born after their dam was retired from the track and in rescue (suprise!) Any greyhound I think would do fine with other dogs socially. There are books dedicated to greyhound medical issues, sadly, and the main issues seem to be wound care, bone cancer, and bad teeth. The retired racers also seem to have lots of broken toes and missing fur on their sides and buns from friction in crates.
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  • jenzjenz
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    I'm a lurker on the forum (akita owner wannabe...) but have had 3 greyhounds and volunteer in greyhound adoption (fostering, m&gs, home visits). They are GREAT dogs and there are so many that need homes. They usually get along great with other dogs (but some can be high-prey around small critters). Curleytails and Lindsayt are correct- they do tend to come with some health concerns, such as early-onset arthritis from hard racing, or disc issues. Also- the racers I've had (and fostered) over the years AREN'T that much into "doggie-dog" playing--the wrestling, rough-housing, etc. Not all, but most in my experience find this type of play "beneath them" or even offensive, LOL. They enjoy hanging out with other dogs, running in the yard or chasing other dogs... but not so much the physical play. So if you are thinking to get a greyhound as a puppy playmate, your kai might be disappointed. :)

  • It's true it might be a mismatch in play style. My Kai plays A LOT and he plays like most NKs do, kind of rough, and my other NKs do get tired of his constant jumping on them as he tries to initiate play, so....a greyhound might be a good match for the NK play style.
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  • nrmorrisnrmorris
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    Thanks for all the insight everyone!

    @jenz I will have to talk with you if I do decide one day to get one. No way right now with a 7 month old Kai, but in a couple of years. They are just such beautiful dogs. I had never seen one in person until I met one at Petsmart while taking Ginko for obedience lessons. Truly awe inspiring.
  • GrayJJGrayJJ
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    Have you considered a Whippet? There are a couple here I bump into that keep up with Grayson doing the shiba-500 around the dog park (its his omg-im-off-leash celebratory run) and they will stick together and play for a long time. Usually dogs either don't understand his play style, or overwhelm him by being too persistent; but I never had issues with Grayson playing with the whippet.
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  • whippets are more fragile than greyhounds, but I know at least one AA breeder who also breeds whippets....:)
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  • knechaknecha
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    Saw this quite a bit after the fact but Misaki plays pretty frequently with an older (13yrs) retired racer greyhound. They love to tear around the field. She likes to try to catch him, it's quite a site!

    She definitely plays differently with him compared to Jiro (Shikoku - WSL). They tend to play much more rough.
  • jellyfishjellyfish
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    @shibamistress I know of an aa and whippet breeder too, bahaha ;)

    Whippets are fun. They look like greedo! :P

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