NIPPO Registration: Membership/Litters/Dogs/Kennels
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    I've collected, corrected, and added information to make it more accessible.

    To register a litter/dog/kennel, one must be a NIPPO member. Membership is 5000 yen per year, with an initial registration fee of 3000 yen. Here is the application form.


    To register a litter or single dog:

    First, there are three methods of registration:
    Litter, single, and limited.
    A stipulation for full litter registrations is that the pups are under 1 year old.
    For single dog registrations, there is no age limit.

    To register a litter (and receive full registration) it must be produced by:
    A)grand sire/dam, and sire/dam of the same Nihon Ken breed.
    B)dogs registered with a Nihon Ken only registry (see list below).
    C)a dam with a full NIPPO registration, and a sire from a registry as stipulated in B).

    The application form is sent to you on request, from NIPPO HQ. Here is what it looks like.


    The details included in the form are date of breeding & birth, dam & sire, pup names & ownership. The kennel that produced the litter (dam's owner) fills out the form, and the owner of the sire signs at the bottom that the breeding took place, the date of breeding, and that information included is correct.
    Registration Fee: Up to 60 days old, 3500 yen per pup. Over 60 days old, 4000 yen per pup.

    To register a single dog from another registry (and receive full registration) it must be produced by:
    A)grand sire/dam, and sire/dam registered with a NK only registry (see list below).

    Limited registration if:
    A)grand sire/dam, and sire/dam are registered with a registry that is not NK inclusive (see list below)
    B)ancestors of dogs in A) are NIPPO registered.
    You will need to talk to NIPPO HQ on a case by case basis of whether or not they will give a specific dog limited registration.

    You can receive full NIPPO registration when transferring a dog from one of the following registries:

    1. Akita Inu Hozonkai (AKIHO)
    2. Akita Inu Kyokai
    3. Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai
    4. Kishu Ken Hozonkai

    You can receive limited NIPPO registration when transferring a dog from one of the following registries:

    1. Japan Kennel Club (JKC)
    2. Kai Ken Aigokai (KKA)
    3. Shiba Inu Hozonkai (SHIBAHO)
    4. Hokkaido Ken Kyokai
    5. China Kennel Association (CKA)
    6. Taiwan Kennel Association (TKA)

    When a bitch is bred on consecutive heats, there must be at least five months between the birth dates of the litters. Another rule is that sire & dam must be over 7 months old to be bred.

    Dog names should make the dog's sex clear and have a maximum of 5 kanji/hiragana/katakana characters.

    Registering a kennel:

    Kennel names do not have to be in Japanese per se, but need to be in kanji/hiragana/katakana and have a maximum of 5 characters. 'Kensha' (kennel) cannot be part of the registered name.

    I'll add here that most of the NK registries reserve the right to refuse name/kennel registrations if they don't believe they are appropriate.

    Here is the form for kennel registration.


    Kennel registration has a one time fee of 5000 yen.
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    I had to correct my previous replies to this post

    I talked to NIPPO HQ today, and clarified that for single dog registrations, there is no age limit.

    Also, they are rather restrictive regarding what registries they will recognize when it comes to limited registrations. Contact NIPPO HQ if you want clarifications for specific dogs.

    My apologies for the incorrect information.
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    Great info! Thanks for posting this.
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Thank you for sharing this!
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    Thanks, this is a better resolution than the one on the official NIPPO website! That one is almost unreadable if you print it full size. I'm about to mail in my membership form. I think it would be interesting to go see the regionals in Towada, even if the other dogs aren't going to be friendly to Ajax (he would never show well because he wants to meet other dogs so badly that he constantly whines in their presence).

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