US Marine Corps dogs [it ended up being a hoax]
  • ceziegcezieg
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    Bahhhhhh it was a hoax, even one upped my USMC buddies lol.
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  • ttddinhttddinh
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    Im going to post this on my FB. I hope they don't PTS if they cannot find homes for them.
  • ZinjaZinja
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    It looks like it's a hoax :(

    Origins: An October 2012 message circulated on the Internet sought adoptive homes for some 400 bomb-sniffing U.S. Marine Corps dogs of various breeds that had "served in war zones" but were now "being decommissioned" and were in "need of forever homes/families." However, as USA Today reported, that message was a hoax:
    There are currently no bomb detection dogs available for adoption, the Marine Corps Systems Command said in a statement.

    An e-mail whose origin is not clear and that appeared to circulate widely said the Corps was looking for good homes for "incredibly well-trained" Labradors, Belgian Malinois, border collies, German shepherds and Rottweilers that served in war zones.

    The contact information provided in the e-mail was that of an actual Marine office and staffer, but when contacted the office said the e-mail was a hoax and no such offer was available.

    The Marine Corps Systems Command said it was not known who received the e-mail or who sent it out.

    The Marines said such offers are sometimes made for "decommissioned" dogs but that they are offered to other federal agencies first since many are still fit for service even when they can no longer deploy to war zones.
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  • ceziegcezieg
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    Bahhh that's lame, my USMC buddies had heard of it so them and I figured it was legit. I know their handlers get first dibs on adopting them and a good portion (but not all) get taken in by other government agencies, there are still those that need good homes though. Either way, I'm glad they don't have that many dogs to rehome.
    Ren, Kai Ken (f, intact) 02-01-2012
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