Boots for scratching
  • Mosura has been extremely itchy for a month or so. She last blew her coat in May, yet none of it has grown back yet. We think its the heat - Gojira and Gryphon developed hot spots for the first time ever recently as well. But instead of having a couple hot spots, Mosura has made her entire abdomen, inside of her back legs, nether regions, and edges of her ears very bare and raw.

    We got her a "Comfy Cone" she can wear to prevent her from chewing. However, she is quite the contortionist and still manages to rake at her belly with her back legs. Right now the only solution we have is to keep her in the small crate she can't comfortably stand in, which does curtail her scratching but is difficult with the cone. I'd like her to be able to stretch out and move around.

    I like Ruff Wear products (though haven't purchased any yet, myself) and am wondering if there is a boot I can put on her hind paws to stop her from being able to scratch. All of the dog boots I have seen are either for outdoors activities or traction on slippery surfaces. I'm not sure if that would be appropriate or more damaging. Any thoughts?

    EDIT: We have a topical from the vet, but until we can actually figure out and stop the cause of the itch I'm just trying to prevent her from making it worse.
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    Have you tried using a human sock and taping it snug?
  • Nope, haven't tried it. I don't know why it didn't occur to me - I guess I just assumed she'd get out of it too easily. I'll see about it tonight.
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    I put tube socks on Toki once :)

    But really, he didn't care much. Maybe she wont object?
  • Yeah, try the socks. I've not done it for scratching, though it's not a bad idea, but I have had to do it for foot injuries. It worked pretty well.
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  • Hope you find a way to ease the itch. Hate to even utter the word, but it sounds a lot like allergies : (

    We used socks for out Shiba initially when she started out with scratching. However, in our case the socks didn't help that much and she would have them off in no time with tape chewed. We used no chew vet wrap on the foot instead. Make sure not to wrap too tight though.

    In the long run wrapping didn't really do a whole lot outside of annoy the dog and have her heading in the other direction when we were around. Hopefully you will have better luck.


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