• So, those of you who've seen my facebook, would know that it looks like my lil' Shikoku girl got bit/stung by an insect and her face got all swollen up this morning. Her behavior was kind of "off" (rubbing her muzzle on odd surfaces like tile and concrete) so we made a quick trip to the emergency vet (it is Sunday after all) only to find the vet say everything was fine and she likely was working through her allergies to the insect bite (swelling and hives). That lil' peace of mind cost me $60, but it was worth it.


    Not Normal:

    Well after the evening, I notice that she hasn't eaten any of her food all day. She took her treats with her usual zeal, drank water, but no kibble. So all night I hear whining, restlessness. I finally get up to go see why she's so vocal, take her out to potty at 3 a.m. Stool is soft, but it's too dark outside for me to notice anything out of the ordinary. Once we get back, she lies down under the kitchen table, and you hear the loudest gurgling sounds from her stomach. I, of course, attribute it to the fact that she hasn't eaten much all day. With her disinterest of her normal kibble, I get to thinking she's got an upset stomach dealing with the stress of the insect bite, allergic reaction, and the itchy feet. Poor girl's had it rough. So I grab some leftover rice from the fridge (we are Asian after all) and grab some chicken broth (better-half loves to cook) and warm it up to see if she'll eat. She ate it all, drank water, and is now lying down under the table. The stomach noises have stopped (thank jeebus) and here's to hoping she can sleep and fully recover from the bites/allergies.

    I'm pretty sure I covered all the bases. Let me know if you guys think of anything I'm missing.

    Jesse Pelayo

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  • Poor little puffy punkin. We went through that with Ruby once too. It sounds like you did everything I would have done.
    :( by Jessica_B_Rabbit, on Flickr">Ruby got stung by a bee <span class=:(">
    But WOW I am jealous, ER vet here in New England on a Sunday is $150 just to walk through the door.
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    Aww, poor girl! My Shiba got stung the first day I had him and I did the same as you. It turned out to not be a big deal and he recovered fine with very little stress, and now I know what to do if he gets stung again and he shows the same symptoms.
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    Did she get benadryl? That's the only other thing I would suggest.
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  • Aww...shes pretty even when puffy!

    yeah on benadryl- although when Sage got stung he was also given a steroid shot to stop his swelling. He must have got stung several times. he looked kindof like a sharpei.

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    waw, poor kurenai! I hope she feels better soon!
  • Poor girl! Hope she feels better soon! So glad it was "just" and insect bite. Leo was hugely swollen last week, but that was from a rattlenake (he's fine now--we were lucky to be able to get him to the vet right away and we got the antivenin).

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    Aww! Poor thing. Benedryl works great for Nola when she gets a little feisty with the bees (and spiders). Only once have I had to rush her to the E-vet... And that was for a giant hornet stinging her. For that, she did get some steroids and Rimadyl.

    So it looks like you did everything I would have done (except the Benedryl). How is she doing this morning?
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    I'm just shocked that you walked into a vet's office and paid less than $100...
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  • From what I briefly saw when I went home for lunch, she's better. Appetite still hasn't recovered, but at least her stomach isn't whining louder than she was last night...

    Jesse Pelayo

  • glad shes better! hope she's all-the-way-better tonight!
  • SayaSaya
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    Glad she is doing better now.
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  • Glad she's doing better! (And re: vet visits, mine are routinely for an office call which is $30-40 depending on what we do).
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  • Poor girl :( I hope she feels better soon.
  • Her swelling and hives have gone and her appetite has returned. Thanks for all your well-wishes and concern everyone!

    Jesse Pelayo

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    Crap I'm late to this too! I really need to come around more. I'm sorry sweet Kurenai got stung.

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