Not into bully sticks...
  • I finally bought some bully sticks to give to the doggies since I've seen how popular they're getting. Thankfully, and to no surprise, Kuma, our youngster loves it and is whacking away as I type. Kai'a on the other hand, who has always been kind of picky about food was just not into it. I'll try again another time, but I'm just so disappointed. He smelt it when I brought in the package and seemed so excited but once I gave it to him he just had no interest. He did like rawhides, back a few years ago when we were uneducated and thought rawhides were good for them, so I figured he'd enjoy the bully stick. He also loves bones, like from our steaks sometimes or raw chicken bones, etc so it's not like he doesn't enjoy a good chew/crunch. I guess some dogs just aren't into it? Any advice on other meaty treats? He loves chicken and we used to give him chicken jerky back way before the whole made in China scare, but since we've had to cut that we just haven't found a good substantial treat for him. Granted my dogs are pretty picky. I mean, they're not into peanut butter and things like that...they love meat meat meat.
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  • When you say bones from steaks, I'm sure you mean raw steak, not cooked! :)

    You could always try turkey necks. Chicken backs.

    Try smoked bully sticks? Toki loves them, but they don't last long, even if the only ingredient is smoked beef puzzle.

    Not meat, but...Another thing I've been interested in for a while now is Himalayan Cheese. You can go to best bully I haven't gotten around to buying it for Toki, but others here have used it. Apparently it doesn't last long.

    You could try cow tracheas. I've found that the cheaper, petsmart brand sits well on Toki's stomach, but the gnarly tracheas that are sold at dog shows make him sick. He threw it up. Maybe it was a bad batch, who knows.
  • One of my dogs prefers a bully stick AFTER one of the others has worked on it a bit and its smelly, wet and soft on the end- and sometimes wont bother with a new dry one. I know thats a frank statement, but there you have it... :)
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    Maybe wet it a bit under the sink to help get it to smell?

    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • ttddinhttddinh
    Posts: 1990 has a ton of other stuff. Like gullet sticks, tripe, tendon, antlers. I just bought them some pollock twists..
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    Saya loves gullet she has had raw beef gullet before yummy.

    She loves beef tendons too.
    Nicole, 7year old Bella(Boxer), and 7year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Oh thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely try wetting it or leting the other naw on it for a little. If that all doesn't work I'll order some different things...gullets sound interesting. Do dogs really like antlers? I'm skeptical about that for my guys because they're only into meat, I feel it won't be meaty enough for them, but it does interest me.
  • Mine love antlers now. At first they did not show alot of interest, but they seek them out when they are in the mood for some serious chewing.
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  • The split antlers are especially tempting, because they can get right to the inner core 'stuff' right away. My dogs werent interested/were frustrated till I got them a split antler, now they know why to bother with the outside.
  • Agreed, split antlers are great. Toki won't mess with it unless he can get to the stuff on the inside. It's a good investment because the antler lasts forever. I'm tempted to buy a huge foot long antler to last him for a few years. It's like,$40-50, but it's worth it. I guess it's something only a dog can smell?

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