Laying down while peeing?
  • Hinata23Hinata23
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    So ChoCho doesn't like to go to the bathroom in the backyard. We have to walk her 2x a day so she can use the bathroom. But the other day while out in the backyard with the dogs I noticed she was laying down and looking around (like she does when she pees). I walked over to where she was and she was peeing... while laying down... LOL

    She's done it a couple of times after that, but only in my parent's yard and she pees normal while out on walks. Today, though, she peed laying down while on a walk.

    Is this normal? It's super weird to me!
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  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    I've seen puppies do it... my puppy used to when we first brought him home and were living in the city. He grew out of it, but everytime he laid down outside and the tail went up, I knew he was peeing laying down! It was a pain to clean his harness and himself.. from what I heard, and I could be wrong, it shows submissiveness.

    Not sure if she's making a habit out of it now, or some health-related issue?
  • CaliaCalia
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    Did she ever do this before the move? I'm wondering if the difference in Florida weather, as compared to the Utah weather, is causing her to be lazy or overheated. The ground can be significantly cooler than the air, and laying on it could help a dog cool down.

    My other thought is possibly UTI, peeing could be painful so maybe she's found that laying down reduces the pain. I kind of doubt it though, as I haven't really heard this being a symptom (but who knows).
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    @calia Well Utah's climate is very dry and Florida is super humid. I've noticed that she tends to overheat ALOT faster here than in Utah. Although Utah's weather felt a lot hotter, the humidity might be getting to her. She pants pretty hard after 15 mins into a walk and talks about 45 mins to cool down in the house.

    When she lays she lays on the grass in the sun. I've only seen her do it here. It's really weird. I called up a vet and he said when dogs have UTIs they usually pace and pee a little bit at a time since it hurts. ChoCho takes LONG pees, since she usually holds it until we take her on a walk.
  • obukobuk
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    Mochi does this when he feels very uncomfortable. He also used to do it when i got really mad because he took forever to find the right spot to pee. Whenever Mochi does it, it's most likely submissive peeing.
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    Two words: Lazy. Bitch.
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  • obukobuk
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    Mochi is a male lol but yeah, my husband says he's just lazy too
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  • HeidiHeidi
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    Well, I was talking about Cho Cho.
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    Heidi, that was hilarious!

    I've never even seen a dog do this, and I hope, very much, that my little crazy girl Bel doesn't start it!

    The worst I've had to deal with, thankfully, is Leo's walking pees, which are also annoying, esp. if it happens in the house. But not as bad as peeing laying down!

    eta: and for some reason, I didn't realize you all MOVED to florida. I don't know why I thought it was a vacation, not a move, but that's what I was thinking.
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  • Hinata23Hinata23
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    @hondru LOL That's probably it! We took her and Goro to the dog park while it was empty and after being tired from running all over the park she peed laying down again (she peed normal when she first came in).

    @shibamistress We're in Miami staying with my parents until we find a place in Orlando. Soon we'll be Osy's ( @Sangmort ) neighbors. :) I can't imagine going through the stress of flying the dogs for a vacation! I think I lost a couple of years of life because of it! LOL
  • SangmortSangmort
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    @Hinata23 - I can't wait! :D ~

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