Jake the shiba - Nosework & Lure Coursing - Video update 08.05.12
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    Hi All!

    I really need to start posting more here! Love how all the NK-ers are very active with their pups. Awhile back, I had Jake enrolled in an intro nosework class. Here are some pictures (courtesy of Dog Spelled Forward) -








    And now the lure coursing.. this video is from his very first run. we have gone to several other practices where they offer up 2 runs at a time. He absolutely loved it! even when other dogs were out on the field and Jake was "spectating" he was so amped!! Looking forward to getting him to an actual CAT test.

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    I've wanted to give nosework a try for a while now.
    I love how many people are doing lure coursing with their dogs. Mine and I had a blast with it. Unfortunately not many kennel clubs in my area do it, and the ones that do, travel quite far just for practice runs. Still looking around though!
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    Yay! Go Jake Go! I never get tired of seeing the dogs course!

    I see they let him run with his collar- I have been told they can wear a collar, just no dangley tags. The practice you are at is thru the Performance Canine Association, right? That's who will run our CAT in NJ in Sept. The field looks good!
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    Yes collar is fine- we just have his boomerang tag plus tagg tracker. Plus I need to grab the little rascal afterwards! The practices are held every Sunday through PCA. The field is great! It's actually a polo field so no holes, trimmed well. I should be taking him more for practices but lately it's been way too humid and hot. We are thinking this Sunday though!
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    Way to go Jake!
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    Nice! Go, Jake!!!!
    My goal is to be as good a person as my dogs think I am!
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    That's awesome! Hide and go seek for treats goes to to another level lol.
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    Some more videos from today's lure course. First one is shaky (apologies) - second one less shaky. He did two runs today.

    They also changed it up a bit - last time was a huge rectangle, today there were different angles (noticeable in 2nd video)

    First video:

    Second video:

  • Yay Jake!!

    Was it a practice day?
    thats a nice field!
  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    Yes, a practice day! That's the same colts neck field. Hopefully they'll have a real CAT there soon. Too bad the saluki ckub cancelled there :(
  • yes, I am very bummed. But there is one at that (Colts Neck) field Nov 3 &4 th (Burlington County Kennel Club), so theres some hope for our NK CAT meetup!
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    Oh, sweet! Registrations available yet??
  • ceziegcezieg
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    Go Jake! That looks awesome, really great field for it too. There's a ton of polo fields down here in South Florida, I'm going to start looking around for groups that do this. Are you guys going to work on titles/championships?
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  • No reg available yet, but I have emailed them and when its available will share around with you, Irene and Beth and anyone else of our NK folks who want to meet up for the CAT and run! We can call ourselves a team for the weekend...
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    @cezieg we are going to try for the CA title - I believe it requires 2 passes from 2 different judges (someone correct me if I'm wrong) - you should definitely try it out! especially if your dog has a great prey drive.

    @WrylyBrindle cool! yes that would definitely be fun. would you bring all 3, or just Juno?

    @lindsayt thanks!!
  • Just Juno- she's the most into it.

    I think you have to get 3 qualifying runs under 2 judges to get the CA. That's why its a saturday (2 runs) & sunday (1 run) thing.
  • wow, that looks fun! Great to see the lure coursing! Looked like he had a great time.

    They have a run here in Sept., but I don't have a dog to take yet. The Shibas wouldn't do it (Bel would be too scared). Leo's too young, and even when he is old enough, they have kind of restrictive rules here from the local sighthound club who is sponsoring it. You can run non-sighthounds one day as a fun run, but they want their AKC registration numbers, and obviously Leo doesn't have that, being a Kai Ken. (I'll probably get the courtesy registration with the AKC eventually, but that will take awhile!)

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  • Lisa- you can register Leo with AKC Foundation Stock Service if you have his KKA pedigree, then he'll have an AKC number. I dont want you to feel limited by mere paper formalities! I just wrote this out to help Goro:

    "Yup! I did this with Juno a few months ago- you have to do it on paper with regular mail.
    on the AKC website, go to the Foundation Stock Service page (this is because Kai ken are in an early stage of breed recognition and acceptance.)


    Click on the "Foundation Stock Service Application" and download the pdf. It will say "Use this form to apply to record a dog in the AKC FSS® whose sire and/or dam is not recorded in the AKC FSS®." at the top.

    Then you fill out the info in the boxes. For "Dog's number," use Goro's KKA number from his yellow KKA pedigree- write the names and KKA numbers for his parents down as well from the KKA pedigree.

    Then you need to scan & reduce the size of the image of your KKA paper & print, so you can send them a copy of it.

    Hopefully Brad or Shigeru sent you a translated pedigree too- enclose a copy of that.

    Then you get two good photos of Goro- one from the side and one from the front- make them 3 x 5 and print them out.

    Put all that in an envelope with a check for $35, mail and wait. It took a month or so (maybe 6 weeks?) to get my AKC form back- and frankly compared to the magnificent KKA pedigree, its kinda disappointing- it looks more like one of those stubs you get from work when your paycheck has been direct deposited, BUT it will have his AKC-FSS number on it!

    If you have something coming up that you need him to have a number for- like a show or an event- you can call FSS and talk to Chris Weiss (Wise?)- she had talked with Brad and she's super ncie and wont be confused abtou kai registration at all. I wanted to have Juno's number for the CGC test form, called them and they hustled it along, even emailing her AKC number the same afternoon, so customer service has been very good!"

    Remember: Kai CAN! :)
  • thanks Chrys! Yeah, I talked to Brad, so I know once I get the KKA pedigree, we'll be able to register him with AKC and the foundation stock thing. Probably won't have the pedigree for awhile as it takes awhile. But I imagine he'll be ready next year. He's too young anyway to be allowed to run the course even if we did have the AKC stuff.

    But I really appreciate the info! It will help when we do it!
    Lisa, Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akita), and Leo (Kai Ken)

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