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  • YandharrYandharr
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    So, I a while back I found a luring course literally minutes away from where I live. Their next session is jul-26-28th. All these pictures and videos everyone has posted of their dogs luring has finally sold me. A few questions:
    1. How much should I be paying (if at all) I was quoted $30 per dog.
    2. Ciqala is slightly afraid of the noise plastic bags make, but likes to bite them. Any prep suggestions or are alternative lures common?
    3. any other useful tips??

    I'm so excited and it's barely July.
    @sangmort - you should try to make it down for dragoon to join!!
  • LosechLosech
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    It was $22 per dog per run for me, for the AKC Coursing Ability Test where each run was a leg towards a title. I think practice runs, or non ACK are cheaper? Find out how many runs you get for that $30. If it's only one, I'd probably find a different place.

    I don't know if there are any alternate lures.
    Conker doesn't really like bags so much, so I took him out of the Jeep and just had him watch other dogs run. After a while he'd relaxed, then got a bit amped up once he realized this was a chasing game. Juneau is TERRIFIED of bags, but the second she saw the lure zipping down the course she wanted to chase.

    Bring lots of water, a crate, and a strong leash and collar, if your dog really gets into it and starts lunging while other dogs are running.
    Find out if they have a minimum age. For AKC tests I think it's 1 year. If it's not AKC, or a practice run, the dog might be able to be younger. I dunno.
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    this one is 30 per 90 min session, not run. So I guess i am getting a good deal if there aren't that many dogs. I would have never thought to bring a kennel... good call. Maybe i'll just do one dog at a time the first time around.
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    At the Fun Run we went to it was $7/first run/dog and $5 for subsequent runs. But this was not a test, just to try the dogs at it.
  • sandrat888sandrat888
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    Don't really understand the pricing you quoted - $30 per 90 minute session. Coursing usually takes a very short period of time - in a Coursing Ability Test, a dog that is over 12 inch at shoulder has to run at least a 600 yard course under 2 minutes. Why would anyone set up a 90 minute session is beyond me!

    For fun matches or practices, the dog usually runs a even shorter distance. Here is the fee schedules of my local coursing club for practice runs:

    New teams are required to attend orientation to understand the basics of coursing, etiquette and safety reminders.

    Orientation Fee $5 (in addition to Lure Run Practice fees.)
    Lure Run (All dogs, 2 runs each): $5 field service fee (per vehicle), $5 for one dog + $3 for each additional dog.

    For AKC's Coursing Ability Test, most club charges between $22-$25 for day of entry and you pay a bit less if you pre-register before the entry closing date. A dog has to be over a year old to participate in Coursing Ability Test and there is no alternative of plastic bags.

    Tips for lure coursing:
    1. Keep your dogs fit, so it can handle the vigorous run of 600 yards in under 2 minutes.
    2. Work on recall. You need to be able to put the leash on your dog at the end of the run (the starting point and ending point are usually very close, so you don't have to travel far to get your pooch.
    3. Hold on to your dog before its run as most dogs are very aroused waiting for their turn. You definitely don't want a loose dog interfering with other dogs until its own turn to run.
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    @sandrat888 - i guess they have to make money somehow!! here's the site,

    At this point, I think I'm just rationalizing the high price because I really want to go! But I think it's because it's an introductory class and there will be a lot of first timers. You're right though, with a max of 8 dogs and assuming 2 runs each, there's still an unaccounted for hour.
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    Give it a shot and see how your dogs like it. I would also look for local lure coursing/sighthound clubs to find an actual Coursing Ability Test. Given that it is summer now, there may not be that many activities where you are.

    Good luck and have fun with your pup!
  • SangmortSangmort
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    Totally forgot to comment on this. Did you ever go do it or find out any info Kel? I think ALL my pups would get a huge kick out of this! I know one of Wraith's siblings, or cousins, can't remember, does it. ~
  • YandharrYandharr
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    no, the next one is on the 28th and I'll be out of town then :( but its only once a month and they're flexible with the dates if you want to come a day or two early/late. so maybe in august if its drier u guys should come down.
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    I used Courteous Canine with Sasuke. They're really nice people and I like their training program. They got a lot bigger the past few years.
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  • BootzBootz
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    Bump Bump!!lure-coursing/c1sps

    June 15th 2014
    9 am - 12 pm

    8022 Soquel Dr
    Aptos, CA 95003

    I will be bringing my 3yr old Shiba and my Shih tzu mix. @Tatonka from the Shiba side will be bringing his 2 yr old male shiba.

    Let me know if anybody else wants to join. I think this would be a great opportunity to meet other NH breeds/owners and also to see them run.

    Special thanks to @Zandrame for posting videos of Kouda's run. Should ask your brother to join us!

    Edit to tag @tjbart17 In case a Kai wants to join us ;)
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