• NishaNisha
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    My AA, Myabi got her seconds Parvo shot yesterday. Parvo is horrible around my parts because we live so close to the woods.

    My question being, what is the minimum amount of time to wait till the shot is actually effective? I don't want to risk anything.

    -Thank you
  • jellyfishjellyfish
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    i think like, a week? i'm about 85% sure.
  • jellyfishjellyfish
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    you can take her fun places, though, and not worry. A few of my favorite puppy-safe places are Home Depot, Half Priced Books, Lowes, coffee shop and bar patios.
    I remember when my JA was just a tiny little pup like Myabi. I was scared about Parvo and other sicknesses since I lived in an apartment complex, so I totally get the fear thing.
  • MirkaMMirkaM
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    In Finland it is three weeks.
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  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    Is this the first shot in the series of immunizations? Antibodies take some time to build after vaccination and it varies from animal to animal. I would say 12 days for antibodies to kick in. However, your dog will not be considered fully immune until the vaccination series is complete at 16 weeks. Good suggestion to socialize in safer areas and have washed hands and wipe puppy off with handi wipes/antibacterial cloths after being in high traffic areas.

  • Thank's everyone! been a bit since I've been online, but you helped a lot. Myabi is healthy are growing as big as ever. c:

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