Videos - Shibas in Agility
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    I had the pleasure of meeting Julie J and her three Shibas last Friday at a local Agility trial. The three Inus are Kado, Toshi and Mika.

    Kado, the black and tan, is the youngest of the trio (about 3-4 years old) and is a very consistent dog. He qualified all three runs I saw him on Friday. I was told he also qualified for every runs Saturday and Sunday. He is well on his way to get his MACH (Master Agility Championship).

    Here is Kato's Standard Run in the Excellent B class on Friday

    Kato's Jumper with Weaves Run in the Excellent B class on Friday

    Kato's Fast run in the Excellent B class on Friday

    Toshi is about 6 years old and got 1 qualifying leg in Standard Novice and earned a Jumper with Weaves (JWW) Novice title by Day 3 of the trial.

    Mika is about 11 years old and is Julie's first dog. She is very pretty and is in great health. Mika, the Princess, does not do Agility, but her mom will be investigating the possibility of doing Nosework with her.
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    Wow thats so cool, congrats to them on their achievements! Such pretty dogs too, love the B&T coat! Awesome video too, can't wait for Tsune to be done with his basic obedience classes so we can begin on some agility and lure :)
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    Nice video and great flow through by the handler!
    Thanks for posting the clips.