65kg Dogo Argentino catches 45 kg Boar. Mildy Graphic
  • ClayClay
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    My 14 month old Dogo argentino(Bruno) has grown much bigger than what is termed normal for his breed.
    And he still has a lot of growing to do as he is still just a pup. He is 65 kg now
    I breed him for hunting wild boar here in New Zealand and he so far has proven to have a strong prey drive,
    good nose and a hold that is so strong that some time he breaks a large pigs neck before I even get a chance
    to use the knife. His share size makes it hard on him getting through tight thick bush but in the open native he is fast to hit the pig. He still has a lot to learn about tracking and with in another year and 50 -60 more pigs
    he will be more confident.
    This latest pig only got 30 meters before Bruno's got his large mouth over the back of its neck. It was a very quick kill and no meat was damaged. The pig is 45kg and looks quite small next to the large dog.
    Boar hunt.
    Dogo Argentino
  • Jbm0024Jbm0024
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    Congrats on the kill! Bruno is really beautiful (and huge!).
  • jikjakjikjak
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    wow, nice kill
  • CrispyCrispy
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    Oh wow! He IS a big Dogo! I love the breed - they're a very good looking dog.

    Great job on the hunt, Bruno! He looks so happy and tired in these pictures. Looks like a good day.
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    That's awesome!
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  • MirkaMMirkaM
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    WOW, congrats. I love to read stories like this about dogo cause in Finland there is only stories about how dogo has attacked some people or dogs. Great that there is people like you who can offer the breed its natural activity.
    Kai will lay down its life to protect its master.
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  • My family is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, good to see a Dogo Argentino doing his job. Beautiful dog, congrats!
  • okironokiron
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    Wow nice.
  • LosechLosech
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    Nice! And dang, he is pretty big!
  • shishiinushishiinu
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    Good job Clay! Thats gonna be a good eating hog, we had tenderloins from my hog from last month and it was lip smack'n good. Tasted better then the turkey! Are Dogos scent dogs and do they bay at all? They seem like killer catch dogs but wondering if you could use a Dogo to be a all around hog dog. I'm seeing more Dogos here in the states so curiou on how they work.
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  • Wow impressive - both the dog and the kill ;) I couldn't hunt myself - I can barely kill an insect or beetle - but I think it's really great, when the dogs are used in the way they were meant to :D

    Dogos are really beautyful dogs. At least the ones I've seen. Unfortunately they are illegal to own in Denmark. They've been deemed dangerous by the (stupid) danish government. They seem to think they can prevent attacks on humans by prohibiting any dogbreeds they feel are bad tempered. There's no justice in it at all. If we look at the number of bites, the labrador or german shepherd would range much higher than dogos, COs or pitbulls.
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  • aykayk
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    I've heard that they are used as scent dogs in Argentina but not so much in the U.S. An all-dogo pack will find their own boars instead of going on mass with just one.

    I've also heard the opinion that a dogo that bays is a cur. They should be too busy with a mouthful of boar to bay.
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  • ttddinhttddinh
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    woa nice. Is that a GPS tracker on your dog? I noticed that you have other dogs in the truck, do you do group hunting or just one at a time?
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Very cool!
  • I know it's not very girly, but the idea of dog so strong and brave that he just charges at a hog and grabs ahold is SO impressive and really cool to me. Really fascinates me! Not something I should get excited about but I still do. LOL!

    Maybe I'm just weird. My mother was totally desperate when I was little and wanted to see Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. Too much violence and blood for her taste, but I loooooooved it (still do BTW)!!
    ... all the way from hillbilly Denmark ;)
  • ClayClay
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    Thank you for all your posistive comments. Every one here obviously has a good handle on what dogs are all about. The Dogo Argentino is quite smart and has a strong prey drive so its important to only keep one if you are going to hunt it and give it purpose in life. Other wise they get bored and can become quite distructive and unhappy.They have a good nose and will find their own prey and hold it (lug it). On big boar we might use more than one dog but a Dogo can easily find and hold a boar around this size until its master gets there to dispatch it. These dogs are very gentle and devoted to thier masters and extended family. They are virtually insenceitive to pain and will withstand great injury while containing a wild boar and will not give up until help has arived. The dogs in the truck are fresh as it gets quite hot here in NZ so we often rotate the pack during the day hunt if we are hunting for long hours which is often the case. Dogo will seldom bail(bay). They are bred for holding which suits my style of dog & knife.

    To answer shishiinu- The Dogo make a good all round dog for wild pig hunting. Best suited for mountainous and open terain. They sent and hold.

    To answer ttddinh question. Yes- that is a GPS tracking collar fitted over Bruno rip collar. And yes the dogs in the truck get used together and singually. They are a mixed breed of Dogo crossed with grey houd and Irish wolf hound.
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