Jomon Shiba

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Here's a link to a blog about Jomon Shiba, lots of videos up



  • They are super cool!
  • they are more wildier looking and leggier than Shibas!
  • So cute! I love that video. There head shape reminds me of more wild look kinda like a singer or dingo more, but different of coarse.
  • So, do people with the Jomon shibas use them for hunting, or are they more focused on looking primitive?
  • Great video! They are really beautiful. And yeah, @Saya, they do remind me of singers a bit too.
  • I really like these guys. If I had to choose a normal Shiba or a Jomon based purely on appearance, I'd go with the Jomon.
  • I LOVE that puppy!
  • omg that puppy is so cute! lol
  • Wow, Ichi's build more closely resembles that "type"

  • That is one cute puppy!

    The Jomon Shiba is super interesting. :)
  • Thank you for that video! That's a really interesting breed.
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    I figured I'd post this here (though others may have seen it already). I found it while searching for information on the Jomon Shiba

    They are ridiculously adorable.

  • I think they are totally awesome. If I ever get the chance to own one I'll be super happy.
  • The blog does say its a Jomon Shiba. Even specifically says that it's not a Shikoku.
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    Reminds me of a Saarloos Wolfhound or a Czech wolfhound. Very cool. ~
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    I've been looking through the blog and man, I am REALLY interested in these dogs. They seem to be kind of all over the place with size, color, and body but their faces all have that same look to them - large and triangular.

    I like their look a lot, but I'm really interested in learning more about them. Does the breed have a written standard or is there any good (English) resource for information? I seem to only be finding a lot of pictures and little blurbs about them, but not a lot of information on their temperament, health, etc.

    Love the black

    and I (think I?) found a few pictures from the blog of the Jomon on boar(?) & after a hunt


  • I love these dogs, they are so neat. I'm also curious about the standard stuff too, since I've never really seen one for them.
  • Nice! Looks like the dogs got a deer too. I absolutly love seeing NKs hunting and seeing Jomon shibas doing that is just awesome.
  • Those are cool pics! Honestly, my shibas are nearly the right size (though they don't look like Jomon Shibas). I'm pretty sure Bel could take down a large animal, if she had help. Or at least seeing what she did to Toby, and how tenacious she is....

    Anyway, very, very cool to see Shibas hunting.
  • Hello! Please allow,aithough it is poor English.
    What I know is written about Jomon shiba.
    Nippo and Shibaho separated at A.D.1959.This is because the form of an ideal is different.

    Furthermore,JSRC and Shibainukenkyukai became indipendent of Shibaho.
    Time and reason are not known.
    I have 2 Jomonshibas.One of the begining is from JSRC the 2nd one is from Shibaho.
    Less than 20 years ago separated.Because,if the pedigree of 2dogs is seen,it understand.

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    My dogs are belonging to three associations. Nippo, Shibaho and Jsrc.
    I am thankful to three associations, it does not have a strong sense of belonging.
    I would like to make the remark which maintains a neutral position and leads to prosperity of kind of the Shiba in this forum.

    I began bleeding of the Nippo Shiba 17 years ago. Here is my old home page. I have already forgotten the password.
    Since it moved out, I am not in the address currently written.

    Nippo shiba is popular, Jomon shiba is few rare in Japan.
    Jomon shiba moves more actively than a Nippo shiba and violently.
    Nippo shiba is suitable for those who connect a dog. He walks according to an owner.
    To those who want to run a dog freely in a mountain like me, Jomon Shiba is more interesting.
  • The Jomon Shiba is more and more interesting to me. It seems like each new thing I learn makes me want to learn even more about them. I wish they were more readily available so I could see one in person.

    Thank you for sharing with us! :)
  • With that description of them, I'm convinced that I want to own a Jomon! That's what I am looking for in a future Shiba.
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    One puppy is sent to USA from Shibaho on December 4, this year.
    It is written that a puppy is in the Akita branch now.
    There is a e-mail button at the bottom of this page.

    It is written that there is no puppy now, we are waiting for reservation.
    E-mail can be sent with the blue button of the rightmost of six.

    In Japan, English is compulsory education. There are much those who have already forgotten.
    A simple and short sentence is kind.
  • I love Jomon shiba looks much more wild looking their behavior sounds nice I love how they're still used for hunting.

    I see how Saya moves in tall grass she is very quick and fast in it.
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    Nippo shiba excels other dogs of the same size in physical strength. The physical strength of Jomon is further excellent.
    Can find it raising two at once. my experience is only two jomon, I think that there is individual specificity.

    I have the experience using Nippo shiba in boar hunting.

    If there is the sign of a wild boar. flee, barks in a safe distance, bark close, goes to bite in the same blood line dogs.
    After losing, there are a dog which regains self-confidence, and a dog which cannot regain self-confidence.
    My 2Jomon can not fight to boar now.

    The wild boar is stronger at a large place and night.
    A small dog becomes so strong that a enemy becomes large at place with many miscellaneous trees which is hard to move.

    Many hunter of Pheasant and Copper pheasant use Jomon in Japan.
    My Jomon Kuro likes to pursues those birds.
    I dont want a bird. It is pleasant only by finding it, Because there is little meat.

    I hear that the Jomon is use for bear hunting. in the Tohoku district. The relative of Wanta is also playing an active part.
    I do not know group hunting or one person hunting.
    I do not have the experience bear hunting. I think that only strong dog is killed conversely.
    It cannot fight, unless it is a dog wiser than a bear.
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    My Jomon shiba. Black is Kuro female, April, last year birth. Brown is Wanta male, July, this year birth.
    The dog of the picture which attached the blue rope with round plate written 114 is a father of Wanta by Crispy uploaded.
    The photograph at the time of their being pupies.
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    Oh! I really like Kuro! Wanta is super cute too, but the black dogs are very striking, to me.

    Thank you for posting your pups!
  • super cute pups!
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