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    I am surprised there is not more activity in this Topic, since BSL will affect everyone eventually. I recently wrote an essay and a speech on Breed Specific Legislation and was shocked at some of the things I learned, for instance PETA's stand on "Pit Bulls". PETA has adopted the "pit bull' shelter policy that all pit bulls be euthanized whether they are adoptable or not...... organizations like this are the ones funding politicians so they will implement BSL's and breeding bans.

    We all need to start fighting BSL no matter what the state or country or the breed involved. Once they realize that banning a specific breed does not work they will began banning another and another until all breeds are banned. This affects everyone from breeders to pet owners, whether you have/want one dog or 20 dogs, whether you have a "pit bull" or a pomeranian.

    I found this link on a group to fight BSL in Michigan.I will be sending more links on this very important subject.

    Writing effective letters to officials

    One of the most difficult things for those new to fighting BSL is expressing your feelings to the legislators and/or other officials who have proposed it. There are some very important things to remember when communicating with officials...

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