"Koshi no Inu" - An extinct Japanese breed

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Hi, all. I happened to find this less known NK yesterday.
The below is the rough translation of article from Japanese Wikipedia.
It's sad we cannot see this breed today!

"Koshi no Inu" is an extinct Japanese native breed which existed in Japan until 1971.
They were medium sized dogs originated in the northwestern part of Japanese main Island bred for hunting boars and deers.
It is similar in appearance to the other Japanese breed.So is the temperament -brave and alert.
They were registered as "National Treasure of Japan" in 1934.
They were also declared for "the Animal of prefecture" in Fukui region.

Links for their pictures.



  • Neat looking breed thanks for linking it sad it's no longer. =\
  • If they were registered as National Treasure in 1934, how could they get extinct in '71? Weren't they "protected" or at least had supervised breedingprogramme?

    Great looking dogs anyways :)
  • The Koshi no Inu didn't make it through WW2 with enough quality specimens to recover. They lacked a strong enough pool of breeders to survive. Their numbers and awareness of the breed was also the lowest among the NK. The were also spread out over a fairly large geographic area with a lot of variance in type. After the war there were very few left, and they slowly disappeared with the last purebred dying in 1971. There are still pockets of dogs that carry some blood from the breed, but numbers are low.
  • Okay, makes sence. Didn't they use the dogs for fur for soldiers when the americans were in Japan in WW2? I think I read that the akita number dropped dramatically because of this? Damn soldiers, wear cotton!
  • aykayk
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    Best as I remember, the Americans were in Japan during post-war restoration, not during the war. The atomic bombs eliminated any need for land combat within Japan.

    The Japanese killed the dogs for fur during the war, not the Americans. The Japanese killed dogs in Japan and dogs in Korea for their soldiers.

    Dog fur is actually very warm. Cotton doesn't insulate nearly as well.
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