New FDA Recommendation For Dog Food
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    This is a cross post from my post on the Shiba forums:

    The company I buy my premade raw posted about this. I wanted to pass it along for those of us who feed premade raw. The FDA is proposing a new regulation for all dog foods, which includes, canned, kibble and raw, for a zero tolerance for salmonella. Which means the FDA is going to be make all manufactures cook, pasteurize, irradiate, or high pressure process the foods.

    If this pass it will affect the premade raw feeder community, as the protein formulas that have salmonella in it will change. Olivia (CEO/President of the company I purchase my raw from) is urging us to make comments to the FDA about this and to separate the categories between Raw Unprocessed Food and Dry Processed Food.

    I really do hope they separate the categories, because it will affect Mika's diet., search under FDA, open comments, keyword…Salmonella in Animal Feed or Docket# HFA-305.
    Deadline to submit a comment is December 31, 2010

    Just in case people are having trouble submitting a comment or finding the spot to, after searching for HFA-305, on the table listed below on the "View By Relevance" tab make sure to hit "Title" and the original Notice will be the first one listed, and there's an option to submit a comment on that one.