What's the difference between a Belgian Shepherd and a Belgian Tervuren?

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They look the same to me. What are the differences?


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    As I learned it, Belgian Shepherd is a catch-all term for the Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois and Tervuren.
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    What Kyla said. A Teruveren IS a Beglian Shepherd, the specific name mostly refers to coat type / phenotype. [ & some differences in temperament via showlines ] ~
  • The AKC calls the Groenendael the Belgian Sheepdog...guess they didn't want to try to pronounce it haha! They are all the same breed with different coat types ;)
  • There is actually more difference than just coat type. The Groenendael is the one commonly called the Belgian Shepherd.
  • AKC is one of the few registries that doesn't allow the varieties of Belgian Shepherd Dog to be interbred. Belgian Sheepdog is indeed the AKC name for the Groenendael, though. Some varieties have more working dogs than others (with the Malinois of course having the most), and 'average' temperament (at least in the US) does vary a bit between varieties.
  • What length and color, attitude, aggression, prey drive.
  • Seeing that one litter can have several breeds I find it hard to believe that there are huge differences between the breeds ;)
  • In Belgium they are all the same breed.

    Kinda weird how AKC split these guys up but won't split the Akitas, LOL.
  • They are separate in the FCI as well
  • In Belgium they are all the same breed.

    Kinda weird how AKC split these guys up but won't split the Akitas, LOL.
    Yeah I think they should because the two akitas are less alike then these dogs. You don't get American akitas in Japanese akita litters.

    P.s. some lady walked up and asked if my dog was a police dog ( a German shepherd), a snow dog(husky), a cat dog(a wolf?)Or a dog dog. :)) ah America your general public's stupidity amuses me, no really I asked a few people and they've thought wolves were cats or rabid huskies this whole time!

  • I wouldn't necessarily say it's stupidity, rather uneducated. Most people don't know because they haven't learned, not because they are stupid.
  • True I shouldn't be so harsh, especially when most of them think dogs are dogs. The one thing that really pisses my friend of is that someone said if a dog has prick ears it's male and if not it's female.
  • http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyw1098oxc1r8tcjro1_500.jpg
    Here are the belgian sepherds - from left to right: Laekenois, Malinois, Groenendael, Tervuren.
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