Ears standing?
  • SangmortSangmort
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    OOC, how long does it usually take for an [ NK ] pup's ears to stand? Or another breed, like a Shepherd's, ears to stand?

    Is non-standing ears a sign of something wrong? [ healthwise? ] or is it a conformation thing only? Both?~
  • sailfloesailfloe
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    For shibas (at least for the litter Vi came from), it was 4-6 weeks. Phil (Vi's breeder) mentioned that the longer they took to come up, the pointier they ended up being.

    At 4 weeks:

    5 weeks:

    6 weeks:
    Brian, dad to Violet & Bear (Shibas)
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  • Hilos ears don't stand due to a deficiency in collagen.

    Our shepherds ears always stood fairly quickly. I want to say by 4 months. It has been a long time.
    Here is Miko at 5 weeks
    Yana & Mike girl 5 weeks, no white chin A
    9 weeks
    By 11 weeks they were standing.
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  • SangmortSangmort
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    Yeah, I know Hilo, Kahuna, & now Taro's ears haven't stood up [ ear infection ], I was curious if there are any dogs that are "healthy" whose ears didn't stand either, or if non-standing ears = health problem.

    Thanks for all the pics! That's awesome to see the transition :) I guess the amount of time it takes varies from breed-to-breed. ~
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  • kwyldkwyld
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    News's ears never stood up. His mom was a blue brindle, his dad was a regular brindle. He was healthy and never had any ear infections. I'm not sure why they never stood up, but some other dogs produced by the mom had ears that didn't stand as well :/
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  • SangmortSangmort
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    Poor News lol

    Yeah, I just wasn't sure if when ears not standing up is deffinitely linked to a health problem, or genetics. [ ears getting too soft / thin ] ~
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  • TengaiTengai
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    Shibas usually by six weeks a long time breeder told me the longer they take the thicker they are(a thick ear is good)
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  • aykayk
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    It can be genetic, depending on what ear size and thickness of ear leather you're aiming for. I heard the same for Shibas that thicker ear leather = later ears = more desired. I don't think they take more than 3 months though.

    I heard that German Shepherds, with their huge ear size, have ears that go up, down, and up as they go through teething.
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  • baantonbaanton
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    Ha Ha, Osy ... when we found Josephine (Kai) one ear was up and one was not... She was, to the best of our knowledge, about 10-12 weeks. Very shortly thereafter both ears stood up fine, and in fact it happened so quick that the second one went up Ithat I have forgotten how long it was. Just a matter of a week or two, I think. Anyway, she was momentarily lopsided, but I suspect its a lot like human babies and all that stuff they do at varying ages, like walking or talking or teething. Time varies for each child, but in the end you would never know the difference in the physical or mental development time. I saw no evidence then or now that the ear standing has anything at all to do with health of the doggie.
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  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    Koda's ears were up by I believe almost 10 weeks old. My neighbor's Belgian Malinois is 14 weeks old and one of his ears is up and starting to form the Malinois slant (I don't know how to explain it, but look at Lynx's pics). His other one is half way up. It took him two weeks to get the one up. I think it will be another two weeks for his other one to come up.

    There is a Kai who lives close to me whose ears never went up. No cause or health problems did it, they just didn't go up.

    Here 's Koda at 9 weeks.


    And at 10...this was his funnly looking age. he he
    Ears 2
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  • shishiinushishiinu
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    Riki had stanading ears at about 10 weeks, Yuki was about 12 weeks, and Taro..........well still waiting although I have given up on it. just want to get the ear infection squared away.Gen, Ami, Kaylynn, Trinity, Yusuke......Riki, Hana, Sammi, Taro, and the newest addition Koyuki.
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  • TaraATaraA
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    Panda's ears are starting to go up and she's about 9 weeks old now. They have a ways to go still before they are up completely.
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  • amberamber
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    my AA ears are starting to go up and shes just 9 weeks today, her left ear is fully up and the right is almost there but still a bit floppy. I was surprised they went up so fast, i wasnt expecting it for a few more weeks
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  • Oskar's ears started standing up this week, and he's 10 weeks. Right now he's right ear up, and left ear down, though the left stands up sometimes too. Guess he's a week behind Amber's pup :)

    My shibas' ears went up quicker. My GSD was slower.
    Lisa, Toby (Shiba), Oskar and Zora (American Akita), and Leo (Kai Ken)
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