Russian Stray Dogs
  • Brandon shared this article with me and I thought it was really interesting. So now I am sharing it with you guys.
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  • Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. Wonder if "stray dogs" in other areas mirror the behavior and organizational structure found among the Moscow dogs.
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    "His observations have led Poyarkov to conclude that this leader is not necessarily the strongest or most dominant dog, but the most intelligent – and is acknowledged as such. The pack depends on him for its survival."

    Aside for the strays learning how to use the train system, this is my favorite part of that article.
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    Yea, that was a super interesting article. Thank you for sharing it!
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    Agreed, that was very interesting.

    I think the part I found most interesting was the reminder that these dogs cannot be turned into pets. They have evolved into feral animals that would take generations of breeding to return to pets. What's also interesting is that the author seemed to think they all looked similar, even if they have evolved to have different survival techniques (begging, scavenging, hunting, etc.).
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    That was a very interesting article. I also loved the part of the dogs riding the metro :)
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  • Hi guys

    It's not very interesting when you get to live it. I'm not Russian but I am very familiar to the concept of stray dogs and it's true, they evoke strong reactions - from pure hatred to everlasting love.

    Pure hatred comes from dog owners who don't know where to walk their dog(s) without being attacked by stray dogs and everlasting love by people who take pity in them and feed them without thinking that this is the best way to trigger guarding aggression.

    To my mind, one thing is certain - no stray dog should be allowed to roam the streets of a town/city. They are dangerous and cannot be trusted.Irina and the kids: Tenshi, Hinu, Tsuki, Kito, Dori, Mizuki (JA) and feline beast Loulou.
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