Look at them go!
  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    wow these dogs are fast...

  • CaliaCalia
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    lol, reminds me of a cheetah hunting scene you see on those nature shows.
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  • LeonbergerLeonberger
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    A Greyhound would dust those Spanish, hehehe :-P

    They actually mention in the video that until recently Greyhounds were being crossed with Spanish Galgos to try to get the speed of the first with the stamina of the latter, and that that endangered the Galgo.
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  • dlrobertsdlroberts
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    There's something really beautiful about seeing dogs at full tilt like that. It's so majestic.

    Is it me, or did it look like they were capable of turning a bit better than a greyhound?
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  • Rabbits can run really fast!

    Hopefully those dogs have good recall cause there's NO WAY you're ever gonna catch them, lol.
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