Bella's Birthday!
  • SayaSaya
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    Yesterday was Bella's Birthday! November 20th!

    It's been rainy all week luckily Yesterday and today has been nice out so the dogs have been enjoying the outside.

    I made the dogs some cooked and mashed sweet potatoes and some beef so they'll have that for a few days and I made them some pupcakes.

    I got the recipe from here I changed it a little bit I added a little water to it and 2 eggs instead of 1 and it came out great! I made the frosting out of peanut butter and plain yogurt with a dog biscuit on top. I tasted a little bit of the pupcake and it tasted pretty decent. =)

    Here's some pictures of the dogs eating their cake and Bella's puppy pics. Sadly I think Bella's breeders are a backyard breeder family farm type and they didn't seem to show the dogs or anything like that plus the parent's didn't seem like the correct coloration or anything, but I dunno I'm no boxer professional, but still.. ah well she's here and we all love her she seems more like me and my mom's dog than my dad's I guess because we are the ones that walk, train, and feed her..

    The fourth picture is Bella trying to play with mom. =)
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  • HAPPY birthday Bella, you crazy gal!
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  • CaliaCalia
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    Too cute....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!
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  • tjbart17tjbart17
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    Happy Bday Bella!!!! Those first pics of her as a puppy was when I first got on the forum. She was one of the first pups I saw on here. :)
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  • MnVMnV
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    Happy Belated Birthday Bella!

    Many more wonderful years to come!

    Those cupcakes sure look yummy.
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  • Happy Belated Birtday Bella!
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  • dlrobertsdlroberts
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    Ditto! Boxy puppies are teh cutest!
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Happy Belated Birthday, Bella! :)
    Bella 2Mountains 2Nola 2
    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
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  • TaraATaraA
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    Sooooo cute! Happy belated B-day Bella!
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  • Oh wow, they got yummies!

    Happy belated birthday Miss Bella!
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