Hunting w/ Elkhounds ("Moose Dogs")
  • I found this webpage when I was researching Norwegian Elkhounds. (There is a good Norwegian Elkhound group in Northern CA). Thought that those who are considering using their Nihon Ken for hunting might find this write-up interesting.

    (At one point I was considering getting a Norwegian Elkhound and was talking with one of the Elkhound Rescue folks about available dogs. Then I found Sukoshi the Shiba and the rest is history...)
  • TheWalrusTheWalrus
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    Very interesting read.

    I like the fact that to title their dogs they have to be 'working' dogs, and have their health checks. Excellent IMHO.
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  • dlrobertsdlroberts
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    Very interesting. I find the different styles cool. And the instinctual response is fascinating.
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    Wow, very cool! It's interesting they use both leashed & non-leashed dogs. ~
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  • Here is a video showing a Norwegian Elkhound hunting. It shows why moose hunting could be a dangerous sport.
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    That video and the write up above is great. Here is that video:

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