• My friend Nina just applied, she is the one that got the messed up puppy.  She needs some help and advice so I am bugging you so she can get on. Innocent

    Do you have any suggestions on getting her to drink water? 

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    I just approved her - you can let her know. She mentioned she knew you and I was like F@ck that! but then I was like, well... if it's for the Shibas. j/k Tongue out

    So the pup is not drinking water? I have no suggestions, I have never experienced that. Maybe make a post about it, one of the peeps that have rescued Shibas may know (like Jessica, or Brandon).

    You don't bug me at all! No worries!

    Poor little Shiba - I hope she does ok, I'm glad she has a good home now.

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  • You are such a nerd.  Im mad at you though...NOVEMBER?!?!??!  MOVING?!??!?!?

    Her husband called the breeder and got into it with her because the dog is throwing up bile.  They are ready to RUIN her.  She wants the dog back.  Are you kidding me?? 

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