A Tale of Two Brothers

  • I'm not a great writer but I decided to write up a short history/story of Nemo and his brother Turi.  There is a link to a photo gallery at the bottom of the story.

    It was nearly three years ago that two un-neutered Shiba boys were brought into a shelter by animal control in central Illinois.  While it is not know for fact, it is believe that it was not the first time these boys had been picked up by animal control.  When the shelter called the owners to let them know that the boys were safe, the owners decided they only wanted one of them back, the other one apparently was too much of a trouble maker.  This statement by the owners shows how little they knew about their dogs, as the Shiba they kept would prove his trouble making fortitude in the future, it also showed how much they didn’t care, and this would be reinforced later.

                Shiba #2 whom was all red went back home while the somewhat sesame Shiba #1 stayed at the shelter.  On first impressions you would think that Shiba #2 was the lucky one, getting to go back home while the other stayed at the shelter, but this was not the case.  Shiba #1 was not there long when word got to a local Shiba rescuer and breeder that someone needed her.  She was there in no time checking him out, showing him love and working on plans to get him into a loving home.  It wasn’t too long before he was out of the shelter, cared for at a vet, and on his way to a new start in life, one where some of the problems and fears created by his first owners could hopefully be corrected.

                As this was happening to Shiba #1, Shiba #2 went back home to the owners that did not understand him, did not care for him, and did not treat him properly.  Within a few weeks time animal control received another phone call about Shiba #2, his owners had moved out of their house, and left him there all by himself.  When animal control came to get him, he slipped past them and was out on his own for a period of time, until he was finally hauled in at the end of a rabies pole because they couldn’t catch him any other way.  He managed to injure his leg while thrashing about when they took him in.

                During this time Shiba#1 went to his foster home near Chicago where he spent most of his time hiding under the bed, scared of just about everyone and everything.  A family from Madison, WI came down to meet him, and even though he was obviously a bit of an emotional mess, they fell in love with him and wanted him for their second dog.  Shiba #1 had found his loving home in no time; he was given the name Turi and shown what loving home is like.  Turi’s adjustment to his new life was not always smooth, he was very afraid of the man of the house, often peeing if he even walked into the room, much less spoke to him or had to tell him “no”.  In order to keep Turi from always hiding he was constantly tethered to his Mom for months on end, he had to be gently forced to stay out by people to be shown that they can be good.  If it wasn’t for this he might still be hiding most of the time.  Turi was going to need a lot of time, patience, and guidance but he had found a home that would provide all of that.

                As Turi was adjusting to his new home Shiba #2 was at the shelter, the shelter called the same lady who had helped out Turi.  She again showed up and helped a scared Shiba start his new life.  While she worked with the rescue to find him a foster home, Shiba #2 got the veterinary attention he needed and some love from caretakers at the shelter, he was also given a name.  Shiba #2 had a blanket in his kennel that he loved, it was a blanket with a picture of a famous movie fish, named Nemo, so he to was named Nemo.  This name stuck and he is still Nemo today.  Eventually Nemo was also sent up to Chicago for fostering.  He did not find a home as quickly as Turi, but he did find one.

                There was a couple, also from Madison, WI, who were looking to get their first dog.  The boy’s aunt and uncle had Shibas and he thought it would be great to have one of his own.  After searching the rescue listings the couple spotted Nemo.  They thought he looked cute, and the description sounded like a dog they would want.  A few phone calls later, the couple from Madison went to Chicago to meet Nemo.  At the first meeting Nemo poked his head out around the dining room table and started howling at the strangers.  The foster parents told a few stories about Nemo and how he could be a trouble maker.  He liked to destroy plastic things such as pens, cellphones, and glasses; he had also chewed a hole in a chair cover.  Later in the afternoon, Nemo let the visitors sit by him on the couch, the foster parents were impressed, but the couple didn’t really understand how big of a deal that was.  Later they would learn that not everyone (almost no one at that point) was allowed to sit by Nemo, or be anywhere near him.  The couple left for the drive home and both agreed that Nemo was the dog for them; they loved him and wanted to give him a home.  They only had to wait a week to drive back down to get him.

                During that week an e-mail was sent to Nemo’s future parents from Turi’s parents.  Turi’s Mom was now helping out at the Shiba rescue and had heard that they planned on adopting his brother.  They were excited that the two Shiba boys would be living in the same city again, and thought that we should meet sometime at the dog park to get them together.

                On the first weekend that Nemo was in his new home, his owners took him to the dog park to see his brother for the first time in months.  Like in a movie where long lost friends see each other for the first time, the two Shiba boys ran right towards each other at the park.  They did happy Shiba dances, made funny Shiba noises and chased each other around.  Both of them were much more comfortable with dogs than they were with humans.  Nemo’s parents joined the Shiba play group in Madison and Nemo and Turi were seeing each other on a regular basis.

                Over the next two plus years Nemo and Turi adjusted to their new lives of being treated like little kings.  They were taken to obedience classes and out and about to be socialized.  They both bonded with their families very quickly, and once they trusted you, they acted like completely different dogs. Their personalities came out and they accepted petting and loving and even returned the love. 

                Things were not easy though, each new situation was a new hurdle.  Meeting new people and going to new places always brought out the fear in shyness in both Turi and Nemo.  Turi loved to try and hide from new people whereas Nemo was at first to scared to try and hide and would sit in the same spot, shaking like a leaf, or run into the kitchen by the refrigerator and shake in there.  After meeting a lot of new people he has moved past shaking and now usually runs under the bed and then comes out barking until people get settled.  It takes many meetings and trips for them to get used to going anywhere, except the vet, they cannot get used to the vet.  Both Turi and Nemo have issues with the vet, Turi’s being the worst.  Turi is known to express his anal glands under the stress of being at the vet.  Nemo usually flips out during shot time and thrash about in a nearly uncontrollable manner.  Turi was helped along in his adjustments by his other “brother” Finnean who is more of a out going Shiba, who loves just about everyone after being introduced and adjusts easily to new places.     

                After seeing each other at the park so much the parents of Nemo and Turi became friends and started meeting up at each others homes to get the dogs together.  Nemo, Turi and Finn all loved to play together, three young crazy Shibas who could never run around or play enough.  It is kind of odd how well the three males get along, but dust ups are rare and real fights have never happened.  They steal toys from each other, chew on each other’s heads and often teams of two form and go after the odd one out.  No real pack leader or alpha, just crazy Shiba play sessions.  Outside play sessions are always worth watching.  The brothers get into a marking contest and take turns peeing on the same things; sometimes this involves peeing on the head of the one who is still sniffing.  Nemo and Turi have peed on each other a countless number of times.  Many times you would think that the two are trying to kill each other as they are playing.  Turi screams bloody murder when he plays, but it is always in fun, as he has never tried to hurt anyone.  They both make ridiculous snarling faces, which are apparently for intimidating each other.

                When the room is filled with people whom they trust and love, you could be fooled into think that Turi and Nemo are normal Shibas.  They are great with the human kids that Turi lives with, very gentle even with the baby.  During dinner you can find both of them hanging out underneath the babies chair making sure that no dropped food goes to waste.  If you aren’t paying attention Nemo will put his paws up on the height chair and lick up everything that they boy is trying to eat.  With the older boys they allow some rough housing, and will sit on their laps for petting.

                Both Nemo and Turi still have deep seeded issues brought on by their careless first owners, but both are also completely different dogs than when they first arrived at that shelter almost three years ago.  They are well taken care of, spoiled, and loved.


  • I hate how many shiba stories start out so sad. Moto was rescued from someone who locked him in a crate for as many as 16hours at a time.

    I think it is wonderful that Nemo and Turi get to spend time together. And their "funny face" pictures RULE!!! 

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  • I love happy endings!!!

    Reguardless of their terrible start in life, at least they don't have to worry anymore. They can put the past behind them, "Hakuna Matata". =(^-^)=

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  • love those funny faces, they are going to be fine, happy for them.

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